The Big Question


I’ve been interested in the teachings of the Law of Attraction for many years. It has fascinated me since I was a very young man. The idea of being able to plot my own course, free to envision a life of my own design, was irresistible. Still is. If there was such a way to live, I wanted to live it! With that in mind, I began a search to find the way.  And this is where the Law of Attraction entered the picture. Although the teachings weren’t called by that name when I was younger, the fundamentals have remained the same.

I am fully aware that to many people the very concept of the Law of Attraction–and its teachings–may seem ludicrous. Even the terminology can seem bizarre. There is talk of The Universe; vibration, planes of existence. Even the word attraction seems childish in some ways, as though implying an almost magical method to draw what we desire into our experience. To top it off, we are taught that we should imagine whatever we desire as existing…now! In spite of this–and leaving myself open to ridicule–I openly admit that I am a believer. This is due, in part, to a question that invariably arises when the Law of Attraction is discussed, at least to people who are curious about the very nature of life.

The question that I alluded to is this: Are we free? If we are, that implies that there must be a way to create–freely–independent of a creator. Our freedom–at least by my definition–must be total and complete, all or none; and I believe that anyone who teaches Law of Attraction believes the same. It would be illogical to claim that we are free creators only part of the time, of the good outcomes only; perhaps between the hours of 2:00 to 10:00, with Fridays off!

If we are not free–in every sense of the word–then it would seem equally illogical to call ourselves living human beings! If FATE, or DESTINY, was behind every step we took, every corner we rounded, and every path we walked, how could we possibly call that living? The very word life implies freedom! If we’re not free, wouldn’t our existence sound more like that of an automaton…or a puppet, with a Creator pulling strings for His/Her amusement?

The beginning of my ebook entitled “Hold That Thought,” I wrote from the perspective of a 50% believer. And with good reason. It was easy to accept that I held responsibility for the positive results in my life; and tracing the path of decisions made and actions taken easily led to the conclusion that I was responsible for where I was in life. I could even accept my responsibility for some of the less-than-desirable outcomes, admitting that I had made certain mistakes that brought about certain outcomes. What was most challenging, however, was accepting a degree of responsibility for the creations that only a lunatic would have wished to come true! There called accidents by most people, but accidental creation is totally at odds with the teachings of the LOA. This proved to be a stumbling block for many years.

Ultimately, I think that everyone–irrespective of his/her position in life–may at least casually examine the big question I have mentioned. Most of us want to know; perhaps because it might seem like such a shame to die–and with some remaining spark of consciousness realize that we were free all along, and that we could have created much grander lives!

So, there you have it: The big question. I’ll take the Law of Attraction–and all of its teachings–any day! I’ll accept that my thoughts lead to certain feelings, and that certain feelings lead to certain actions. I’ll also believe that I am supported by the intelligence of the Universe. Through consistent thought (toward personal desires), I’ll receive intuitive nudges that will lead me forward. I’ll even accept that I don’t have to know every step along the path. I’ll move forward by faith and trust. Why? Simple. I don’t believe in Fate. Sitting around like a potato–on that infamous couch–has never really appealed to me.

Dare to dream.

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2016 – R. Arthur Russell

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