Many of us live in cultures that function–by and large–by a Need-to-Know belief system. It seems inconceivable that we could ever achieve our goals if we didn’t know a concrete, ready-made, and time-proven way of moving forward with our desires. And with that in mind, it’s easy to succumb to the fear-based belief that all of us are in competition. It can seem that there are only so many positions available at the best universities, and that we have to hustle, hustle, hustle if we’re ever going to get somewhere. And be a somebody!

The truth is that each and every one of us–regardless of position in life–is very much a somebody. Already! We may feel poor–perhaps because we lack the symbols of false wealth of our time–but each of us is rich already. We are a repository of the Divine. That’s right, God within! We have forgotten this, however, and adopted the belief that we are mere flesh and bones. From that lower perspective, we can feel powerless and afraid. We often believe that we need to know each and every step of our journey–prior to beginning. And when we don’t know, we don’t move forward. The fear-based belief system can paralyze us at our very core. We wonder, “How can I ever dream of achieving my goals if I don’t know how?” The truth of the matter is that we don’t have to know how! We just have to take that first step–as we’re told to do in every motivational book. That first step–if we trust–will lead us to the next and the next after that.

Could that possibly be true? Reminisce with me–just a little–and think back to something that you achieved without knowing the path that lay ahead? A week before you met your spouse/partner, did you really know each and every step that led to meeting him/her? Did you? Or did you have the intention of meeting someone nice, someone loving, and finally–through faith and vision–align with that person? In your professional life, can you honestly say that you knew beforehand each and every contact that helped to build the success of your business? Did you know exactly where you were going to meet? Two years before you built your brick and mortar store, did you know its exact location? Did you know every step you would take toward building your ebusiness? With travel in mind, did you have to know years prior the means by which you would–think trains, planes, and automobiles–or did you just know that you were going to travel?

See the point? Take a look at your own history. You didn’t have to know beforehand the exact path your life has taken thus far. You can DREAM and TRUST and ACT on the inspiration that you’re going to receive. As you tune into your true passion and take that first step, the Universe will guide you–through your intuition. Take that first step. Begin. Listen to what Goethe shared through one of his most famous quotes:  ‘Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!’ That magic is you! The more you practice this way of being in the world, the sooner you’ll achieve whatever you desire.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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