Master of the Links


We live in a computerized era. All of us who own a computer–or have access to one–realize that when we click on a link icon we will be redirected to another website or webpage. We trust this implicitly. It just happens, through the magic of computers and the internet. That type of link–only on a human level–is the subject of this post. Why? To help you manifest more of what you desire in your life.

So let’s pick up this concept of a link–a mental one–and begin to reap the benefits of consciously implementing this knowledge into our lives. In doing so, we’ll manifest more effectively and witness improved results. Thoughts function in much the same way: One thought can–and does, if permitted–link to the next. And the next. And the next after that. It’s just the way our minds work. Thoughts of a certain nature–either positive or negative (the choice is up to us)–link to corresponding thoughts, and ultimately to corresponding consequences. This lesson is important to understand, for it is central to our ability to attract the life we desire.

The point, as in a lot of the teachings I share, may be better explained through an example. Let’s just imagine–freely and passionately–that you’re excited about a new desire for your life. Perhaps you’ve been watching a travel program on television, and it has whet your interest to visit the same location. How wonderful you think that would be! The beaches; the mountains; the warm and sunny climate! For two or three days, you let thought after thought enter your imagination. You envision walking the beach or climbing the mountains in the background. All seems good; you are allowing thoughts to feed your vision. You’ve even checked your calendar and have been thinking of ways to budget for the trip.

Then: Someone–perhaps a well-intentioned friend or neighbour–shares that a couple he/she knows visited the same place. They had a terrible time! The accommodation was lousy; they got sick and had to fly home early! The point is: If you allow this information to form a link to the vision that you held in your mind, it will–if permitted–attract more thoughts of like nature. That is law. That’s what the Law of Attraction is all about. If you dwell on information you just received–unless you can positively think your way around the obstacles relating to the couple’s experience (Different accommodation? Vaccinations? Being careful what you eat?), your vision of such a journey is in danger of collapsing. And all because you may have let the negative link change the direction of your life. You are in control of your mind…or are supposed to be.

It will be obvious that this analogy–of the links to related thoughts–holds great importance to your health, your wealth, your relationship, and your success. These links apply to every aspect of our Being: spiritual, mental, and physical! Your task, as a creator, is to be on relaxed but present guard. Do you allow your mind to click randomly on negative thoughts? Or do you permit your mind to click predominately on positive links? If the links are positive, act to receive what you desire to manifest in your life. If the thoughts are negative, perhaps it’s time to change your thinking…and thereby change your life.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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