True Story (Law of Attraction)

Beach Waves

My good friends, Wayne and Caroline, just returned from a vacation to Hawaii. They stayed on the Island of Maui, and often frequented Wailea Beach, which is known for its big waves. After they returned, Wayne could hardly wait to relate a true-life situation relating to the Law of Attraction, which occurred while they were away.

One day while they were sunning on Wailea Beach, Wayne and Caroline happened to notice a woman holding a young child who was crying. They asked her if they could be of help. The mother said that her daughter had been knocked down by one of the big waves, but that she would be okay. She added, though, that her husband had lost a pair of expensive sunglasses and was looking for them in the roiling water. She had given them to him only a month or so earlier.

At this point, the woman left, and Wayne and Caroline both went to help the man search. The man said that the glasses were, in fact, the second pair he had lost. Wayne and Caroline searched with him for approximately forty-five minutes before the man departed. Wayne and Caroline then also went back up the beach. Wayne related to me, however, that he continued to feel a strong desire to be the one to find those glasses for the man.

Approximately two hours later, Wayne felt a irresistible urge to return close to the area of beach where they searched earlier. The waves, which Wayne described as approximately 7-8 feet high, were crashing as usual as he approached the waters edge. Just as he stopped at the water, a wave rolled in and receded. When Wayne looked down at his feet, his eyes met the sunglasses only a couple of feet away! The glasses were upright and sprung open, as though ready to wear!

Thrilled to have found the glasses, Wayne and Caroline wanted to return them to the man as soon as possible. They had no clue, however, where he was, or how they might find him. The beach was busy, too, with daily visitors and tourists from nearby resorts. They were just about to drop the glasses into their beachbag for safe keeping when Caroline spotted the couple in the distance, sitting with some other people in the shade. They immediately began walking toward them, and the man and his wife came forward. The man was thrilled to receive the glasses and offered to buy some drinks. Wayne and Caroline declined, but appreciated the kind offer.

Discussing this, Wayne and I marvelled at what had occurred. It was just as we are told to believe: Wayne let the Universe know his intention–his sincere goal to find the glasses for the man. With the right intention–a good one–we can be assured that Source will empower us. Also, when Wayne felt inspired to act, he did not hesitate. He immediately responded to the feeling and walked directly to the area of the beach where he found the glasses. He did not have to search again; he merely had to lean over and pick up the glasses. The components that came together are impressive. Think a minute:

Wailea Beach is a busy beach, with people coming and going all the time. Also, no one other than Wayne and Caroline and the couple involved had a clue who owned the glasses. No one! In addition, Wayne and Caroline had no idea where the man and his wife were staying, or if they would be able to contact them.

The take home point? Believe in your goals. Faith put into action is a powerful force. Also, just as we are advised: Write your goals on a card and keep it with you. Make your intentions clear and specific, phrased in the present tense. Look at your goals often, at least twice each day. On the back of the card, write down what what Bob Proctor advises: Ask and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you. Then? Follow Wayne’s example by acting on the inspiration you receive. One step will lead to the next.

Dare to dream.

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2016 – R. Arthur Russell

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2 thoughts on “True Story (Law of Attraction)

  1. excellent story!! thanks for sharing the goodness that is around us all the time, and for sharing your wisdom and joy in SEEING it. don’t you just love to see and hear these great positive synchronocities as they happen. keep on crushing out that good news!! momentummikey 🙂 🙂


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