Positive Thinking

The name of my blog may seem cute–perhaps even laughable–but there’s good logic behind it. I did not choose it to attract readers, or because it might seem catchy. I chose it because I intuitively knew it felt right. It also concisely summed up part of the teachings of the Law of Attraction.

As the title implies, I’m suggesting that deliberate creators should think twice before entertaining any line of thinking. While this may seem radical–perhaps even bizarre–this practice can’t be underrated. Successful men and women are masters of their minds, for they know that all change happens from within…first. They also realize that nothing good can come from negative thinking. Period.

The practice of deliberately engaging in uplifting and positive thoughts pays big dividends. The logic is two part: By deliberately practicing positive thinking, any negative and self-defeating thoughts will fall away, as will the negative behaviour that is created as a consequence. When this occurs, we also create room for inspired thoughts to enter our mind. Such inspired thoughts–if acted upon–will ultimately create the positive change that we desire.

It may help if you conceptualize how this works if you pretend–just briefly–that your thoughts were a part of your body. Here’s a silly question, but it may help you develop the good habit of good thinking: Would you allow your hand to slap you–hard–in the face? Would you permit it to wield a knife against you? No? Then why allow your thoughts to punish you even more severely? Persistent negative thoughts may be robbing you of the good life you desire! If a thought doesn’t serve you–either by adding positively to your future, or by creating present-moment joy–it should deliberately be displaced. This naturally occurs when we choose a positive train of thought.

An added benefit of deliberate thinking is that we assume our rightful hierarchical place, for we realize that we are not the mind. We are the silent observer above the mind. It is our mind, and we alone should be in control of it. Initially, this requires a degree of effort, but as with any skill we become more proficient with practice.

Do you desire better health? Greater wealth? Better relationships? If so, elevate your thinking. Entertain the possibility that your desire could come true. By training yourself to focus positively–in a relaxed manner–you develop faith and confidence in your abilities to manifest what you desire. Conversely, when you stress over decisions–“should I do this; should I do that?”–you create doubt. If a negative thought pattern occurs–perhaps an anxiety-based thought about how to manifest your goals–turn your attention toward a positive thought as soon as possible. By focusing on faith–trusting that a way will be revealed–we tap into a power much greater than ourself. And, the more we trust this Source, the sooner we’ll discover the next step to take regarding our goals.

Dare to dream.

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2016 – R. Arthur Russell

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2 thoughts on “Think2wice

  1. I concur … in a slightly different fashion, it is similar to the concepts I was taught in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Reviewing our thoughts, and asking if they beneficial or harmful to our desired goals. Then, we get to choose, with practice, patience and persistence, our desired outcome.
    This is great stuff Art!


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