What You See…


…Is What You Get!

I’m sure that almost everyone is familiar with this age-old expression. Most people, however, may have a different view regarding its meaning than the one I’m going to share in this post. In my experience, the expression is usually used by persons making an honest statement about themselves, holding nothing back. You can imagine them standing with hands fanned, saying, “Here I am; this is me. What you see is what you get.” 

The meaning that I’m going to relate, however, is intimately connected to the Law of Attraction and the results–either favourable or unfavourable–that we are manifesting. In this case, seeing has nothing to do with our eyes (or what we see through them) and everything to do with our imagination. In this context, the expression functions opposite to the norm; for it means that what we get is dependent on what we see! It is imperative that students of the Law of Attraction understand that creation is always an expression of our visions from within. Our results depend on the nature and quality of our conscious and subconscious visions, and are a reflection of how we habitually think and feel.

So, back to the saying: What you see is what you get. In the Law of Attraction, we are repeatedly told that everything is created twice; first within, and then without. With this in mind, I’d like you to examine the results that you are creating. Are you getting the success that you desire–in your career, personal life, and finances? Are you getting happiness, health, and peace of mind? Do you see the world as friendly and supportive? Or do you see it as hostile and competitive? In your daily life, do you see struggle, strife, and problems? Or do you see beauty, harmony, and love? Do you habitually see from a positive or negative perspective. Do you even realize that you possess the power to choose how you  imagine the world?

Once we grasp that what we get (meaning receive and attract) in the outer world is a reflection of what we see (meaning habitually think and feel) in our inner world, we will realize the importance of questioning our viewpoints, belief systems, and habits. Real and lasting change in the world around us occurs from within. If our current way of seeing doesn’t serve our highest ideals, we can safely assume that it is time for change. Such positive change begins with a different way of seeing our life–from within. When we change our core way of Being, the results that we’ll experience will absolutely change for the better, too.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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