Stand in Faith


Anyone who begins to study more about the Law of Attraction learns that we are to trust in the process of creation. Absolutely. The analogy of our mind to a garden is often used to teach this point: When we plant an actual seed in a garden–and nurture it through appropriate watering and weeding–we have faith that it will bear fruit. We trust this implicitly, never doubting the process.

With that in mind, we are taught to use the same process–faith–toward the achievement of our own desires. By faith, I do not mean devotion to any particular religion or doctrine, although I’m also not criticizing anyone’s beliefs or practices. The point is related to trusting life. A little more thought toward an example may help us realize whether our mind is working toward faith…or doubt.

As we are going about our day–working at whatever tasks need to be done–it’s easy to see the leaning of our mind; at least if we’re paying attention. The true test of our faith occurs when something appears to go wrong. Let’s imagine that we’re working on a project at our computer. Everything is going fine, but then a certain link or key seems to malfunction. If we’re watching our mind, we may almost instantaneously notice either a positive or negative assumption. In such a situation:

Do we immediately assume that something has gone terribly wrong? That our long hours of work may be lost from the hard drive? Do we jump to the conclusion that the event is bad, very bad? Do we sense a feeling that is against ourselves, such as a lack in intelligence, or foolishness for ever believing our plans could succeed? If this is the case, we would be wise to understand the following: When we allow our inner state of peace to become chaotic and disturbed, we–through the Law of Attraction–attract accordingly. Like attracts like. When we permit our mind to be ruled by negative feelings, we actually attract the negative consequences we fear.

Doubt this makes any difference? Ask yourself this: Do you believe that maintaining a positive attitude (point of attraction) actually leads to positive-oriented actions?  Do you habitually think I can do this? Do you believe that positive thinking makes any difference in how motivated you feel? The alternative–we realize–is to slip downward into negative and chaotic thinking (or sowing) which only reaps chaotic results. Right thinking equates to right focus, which keeps us on track, creating in alignment with what we desire.

So the point? Awareness. Develop the habit of taking a deep breath when a glitch seems to appear. This allows us to inhabit a space (vantage point/perspective) that is back of–and detached from–the situation. With clarity, we may then choose what we will think and move forward. This applies to every aspect of our life. In time, we’ll learn that when we Stand in Faith we positively create more of what we desire…and far less of what we may have feared.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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