Travel Light

Travel Light

The travel that I’m writing about in this article has nothing to do with actual travel–think planes, trains, and automobiles–and everything to do with how we travel spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Think within. Think inside versus outside.

One thing is certain in life, given an average lifespan now of seventy years: All of us will go through a multitude of experiences. That’s just the way life is. There will be experiences that we label good, because they feel that way; and conversely, there will be those that we label bad, for obvious reasons. In regards to the latter, those experiences might include death of loved ones, breakups, divorce, unemployment, homelessness, disease, and poverty, to name only a few categories that easily come to mind. When we go through such experiences, it can feel as though the world is actually coming to an end. We may even wish that it would, to end our suffering. The burden can feel so incredibly heavy; it seems to crush upon us.

How does this message, so far, even remotely connect with the Law of Attraction? My point is this: At the heart of the Law of Attraction is the truth–not imagined, not a hoax, not some bogus philosophy–that we bring about what we think about. Habitual thoughts and feelings create in accordance with their nature and intensity. Like attracts like. In the case of the seemingly negative events and circumstances listed above, it’s easy to realize what type of life experiences we would be continuing to create. Now, let’s give some meaning to the title of this article:

When we travel on an actual trip, we–most likely–leave behind all of our unnecessary  baggage. If we can get by with two suitcases, we don’t needlessly burden ourselves with four. By doing so, we more easily move from airplane to bus, car to hotel, or country to country. It just makes good sense. For the sake of manifesting the positive results we desire, I’m advocating the same strategy; only this time at a level of mind.

Although it’s natural to go through a period of anguish with many of life’s biggest challenges, there comes a time when it’s wise to set down our mental baggage. Why? Because for every time that we tell ourselves–or anyone else who will listen–how miserable our lives are, we’re needlessly carrying our pain into the future. Again, that’s just the way life is. We create by using thought; it’s central to how we bring about what we desire to manifest. Therefore, we owe it to ourselves to set down our painful stories as soon as possible and wake up to the present moment. There’s a world of goodness to experience when we travel light.

Dare to dream.

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2016 – R. Arthur Russell

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