A Grander Vision


It’s wonderful that people are learning more about the Law of Attraction; to see them align–through deliberate use of positive thought–with better health, greater wealth, improved relationships, and more success. Such is the power of our minds, when consciously put to good use. What we imagine, we may create. What we dream, we may do. History bears the record of this truth, and we’re witnessing even greater achievements still. Today, however, our focus will not be upon what we may create or achieve for ourselves. Our focus will be upon a grander vision. First, though:

A student of the Law of Attraction soon learns that we are to view the world around us as a mirror. We are taught–contrary to our instincts–that the outer world is actually a reflection of what we hold within. For example: If we hold a self-image that is angry at the world, we will meet with angry and negative people. If we think and feel rich within, we will experience ample proof of that in aspects of our outer reality. Both positive and negative thought patterns will be reflected. This feedback system allows us to adjust ourselves–and our perspective–to the world; and thereby create more wisely.

In contrast to our customary way of living–in which our personal interests are often self centered or selfish–today we’re going to deliberately and thoughtfully serve everyone with whom we interact. Their quality of life, their best interests, and their highest good will be uppermost on our mind. From the peasant to the royal; from the youngest to the oldest; from the pleasant to the mean-spirited; we are going to reflect humankinds’ highest goodness! We’re going to invoke our grandest vision yet–above towering skyscrapers, miracles of medicine, and rockets to the moon–and express our highest power: Love.

Such love will be unconditional. It will exclude none, and thereby include all. It will emanate from the depths of our soul, where the spirit of unity reigns supreme. It will be openly shared, without judgement or moral superiority. It will be selfless, unlimited, and pure. Through this love, we will see beyond the masks of race and creed and role and colour and nationality; and know that we are all aspects of One. Today (with dreams of this day forward) we’re going to radiate compassion, kindness, empathy, respect, goodness, and goodwill to everyone. Our hearts will give to all, seeking nothing in return. We will not try to do this; we will do it!

For the child learning how to learn, we will be patient and gentle. For the downtrodden, weary, and destitute, we will share something real, kind, and sincere of ourselves. For the elderly struggling under life’s burdens, we will halt our busy lives, listen attentively, and respectfully lend a hand. For those hungering for food or sustenance for their soul, we will feed them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. For those who feel like outcasts, we will reveal a path back into the fold. For those who may be grieving, we will show compassion and ease their aching hearts. For those who may be materially poor, we’ll share of our riches. And for those who may be materially rich but spiritually poor, we’ll remind them–without piety–of a deeper wealth.

Today will be our grandest creation. This vision will not wait for tomorrow; it begins now! Today: our chance to make someone else’s dream come true. Today: a gift of twenty-four hours spent in service to others. Today: a day to shed our masks of ego and reveal a higher aspect of ourselves. Today; a day to think a better thought and begin a better habit; and thereby create a better world. For all.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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