Constructive Thinking

What Are You Building

Are you ready? Got your hammer? Your saw? Tape measure? Carpenter’s apron? Safety boots. Hard hat? Nails? Lumber…and plenty of it? Good. We’re almost ready to build.

Now, I’ve heard a rumour that you’d like to build the life of your dreams. Well, good! Because at least you know what you want! That means that you’re ahead of ninety-nine percent of the world’s population, who are stumbling around, waiting for what will come next. Not you, though; you’ve got a plan. Before we make that first saw cut, however, let’s take a look at what you’ve got in mind.

When it comes to building–or dreaming–there’s an important point to remember. Now pay attention; I’m only going to write this once…but you can read it as many times as you like: You can’t build a bungalow by focusing on the plans for a barn. Amazing? Astounding? How incredibly insightful? Best darn obvious advice you’ve ever heard? And…what the heck could that possibly have to do with building a life? Well…

It’s simple, really. The point I’m making is that you can’t–absolutely can’t–create what you want by focusing on what you don’t want! In the case of my example, if you actually want to build a beautiful little bungalow, it’s imperative that you never focus on the plans for a barn. If you give more thought to the plans for the barn, well…you’ll end up building a barn! The same holds true for the following: Focusing on disease can never create health; focusing on poverty can never create prosperity; focusing on lack can never create abundance; focusing on ugliness can never create beauty? And last but not least: Focusing on losing can never create winning! I think you get my point.

So, what are we to do? The key, my friends, is to concentrate on what you want. Let your thoughts be playful, detached, but keep them focused on your vision, whatever that may be. If you desire wealth, imagine it. If you desire greater health, imagine that. If you’d like a great relationship, imagine that too. It all begins in the mind, for that prepares us for the real action that’s going to occur in the here and now. Intuition followed by action will be the key to making your new reality match your vision. Trust. It’s that simple.

So, by now you realize that I used a catchy little alliteration to make a point. It’s my alliteration–all mine–but you can borrow it if you like. Let it serve you. Just make sure that you apply it to your dreams, and what’s important to you. That’s all that I ask. Oh, and one last word: If a barn is what you really want…then don’t, of course, focus on the plans for the bungalow. Because reality will always match the blueprint in your mind. Now grab that hammer.

Dare to dream.

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2016 – R. Arthur Russell

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