Catch-22 Solved

Catch22 Solved

From Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, the definition regarding the title of this article: “A difficult situation from which there is no easy or possible solution.” The classic example given to illustrate the meaning is of a person who is qualified for a job but who cannot get hired due to inexperience. The Catch-22 is that the person can’t acquire the experience without the job! So, how does this apply to our study of the Law of Attraction? Stay with me folks, and we’ll discover more.

By now–according to last count–I have emphasized the following Law of Attraction truth over ten thousand times, give or take a hundred: “As within, so without.” Those who’ve been reading my articles realize this means that outer experiences are connected to our inner ways of being. Thus we understand that the happier we are on the inside, the more pleasing our experiences will be on the outside. And there, my friends, is our personal Catch-22! How, we may ask, are we to be ecstatic when our outer life is troubling, or difficult, or seemingly hopeless? In so many cultures, we’ve been conditioned to derive our happiness from external circumstances. Here, though, I’m going to challenge the definition of a difficult situation and offer two methods by which to solve our own Catch-22.

The First: Don’t believe everything that advertisers would have you believe! Learn to respectfully question content and motives. You–and only you–decide what will have meaning in your life. Realize that happiness cannot–ever–be purchased for the price of a fancy sports car, trip to Bali-Wally-Gong-A-Ling, or a pair of designer shoes! Just can’t. Nor can a spouse, a house, or a pony give it to us. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of the above; but in and of themselves they can never be the source of our happiness. They may be adjuncts only. Cars may be reduced to their basic components–nuts, bolts, plastic, and metals. And mansions, too, may be reduced to rooms to dust, gutters to clean, and toilets that will occasionally overflow. How may we awaken, then, to our own innate happiness; and thereby attract more?

The most powerful way I know of is through gratitude. And such gratitude is founded upon intangible joys that have real transformative power. Upon their deathbed, dying persons never ask for brochures for that last automobile. Nor do they call their realtor for yet one more house to buy. I have heard, though, of the following: a request to heal a relationship with an estranged family member; one last conversation with a dear friend; and even the simple pleasure of an ice cream cone. Unbelievable? Or the real riches of life?

The Second: Years ago, I read the account of a woman named Kisa Guitama who lived in the time of the Buddha. She was grief stricken at the sudden death of her only child, a one-year-old boy. Distraught beyond words, she carried her dead child from home to home, seeking help. Finally, she was advised to visit the Buddha. According to the account, Buddha listened patiently and compassionately while she related what had occurred. The Buddha then instructed her to gather four or five mustard seeds from families who had never been touched by death. Off she went, knocking on villagers’ doors. Before long, however, she realized that everyone had endured the suffering related to death. No one could escape it. She returned to the Buddha and ultimately became one of his students.

Do I include this account to reinforce that life can be difficult? No, not at all. I include it for one reason only: to remind us not to demand of life what it can never deliver. In much the same way that Kisa suffered because her child could not be brought back to life, we may also be demanding the impossible–that life make us happy from the outside. Millions of people are trying such, which only serves to make them more vulnerable to the whims of circumstance! They are happy if everything is flowing smoothly; miserable if not. At any moment, we may choose to break free of such dependence and willingly align with life’s natural laws. And when we do, our suffering diminishes greatly! No one–including the rich, the beautiful, and the famous–receives an Escape Life Pass. Life will have its effects upon all of us. We may, however, choose our response and awaken to the goodness of the present moment. It’s here, now, waiting to be discovered via a shift in our perspective. And when that shift occurs, we’ll attract even more goodness into our awareness. These truly are the best days of our lives. We would be wise not to let anyone try to sell us otherwise.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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