Finding Source

Finding Source

I remember that period of my life well–the years when I held only an idea about Source. During that time, my concept of God/Infinite Intelligence/The Great Architect was nebulous at best. I understood that those terms (and so many others) referred to a Divine Creator; but I didn’t have a conscious relationship with It. Many people may be feeling as I once did–confused and uncertain about the nature of Source, or questioning if there truly is a Source. It is for you that I offer this article. Why? Because our degree of success and peace of mind correlates to our knowing of Source; the teachings are also incomplete if the spiritual component is dismissed.

First, a couple of points. One: Such a relationship doesn’t occur through belief alone. Humans may hold all types of beliefs that may–under examination–not be related to truth in any way. A belief does not make it so.  A lie habitually told still remains a lie. Two: We may actually know that Source is with us–right here, right now–through direct experience. The invitation from The Divine is always present; all we have to do is step forward into a new consciousness. So how may we do this?

By first realizing what we’re seeking. Definitions of The Infinite–which is what God/Source is–are always inadequate; for trying to describe the Infinite with finite minds is impossible. Doing so also conceptualizes That which is beyond thoughts and words. We, do, however, have to begin somewhere. The three terms most often used to describe The Infinite are Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omnipotence. Meaning: all-knowing, all-present, and all-powerful. Such is the nature of the Divine Power we seek to know. 

Where, though, do we find Source? The good news is that we don’t have to go anywhere. Source is as close as the pulse in our neck. Go ahead, feel the pulse in your neck, for therein you’ll find God. Living within you–and all that surrounds you–is the omnipresent Intelligent Force that gives rise to everything. Eric Butterworth, who was a Unity (New Thought) Minster and author, described Source’s location through the following quote: God is a sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. Consider that for a moment. Yes, that would mean that our Source of infinite power and intelligence is with us right now! With that in mind, we might also understand that the song You’ll Never Walk Alone–instead of describing a pleasant concept–is actually speaking of a literal Truth. Through our knowing of this, we actually strengthen our connection to Source!

For those who desire to contemplate this further–that Source could possibly be with us right now–I offer this: If you sustain a cut–perhaps on your arm–do you have to do anything to actually heal it? When you consider this question more deeply, can you even pretend to know how to heal the cut? Have you even the faintest notion of the intricate physiology involved? Would you know which specific cells to call upon, and the action they must perform? The truth is that humans may, at best, facilitate the healing of the cut; perhaps through antiseptic technique, appropriate dressings, and even sutures if necessary. It is God/Source that actually heals the cut. Can you awaken to this as a possible truth? If so, might you also consider that Source is handling other intricate details of our physical being? Perhaps the beating of our heart? The exchange of air within our lungs?

We have only touched upon the surface. If even the slightest realization has dawned within you, I hope you’ll welcome more of that light. When we begin to awaken to the miracle of Source in one aspect of life, we often recognize It in so many more. As you contemplate this knowing, a question may enter our mind: If Source is actually  everywhere, through everything–including me–could It also know what I’m thinking? Could It know my hopes, my dreams, my goals? The answer–most definitely–is yes. And we may trust that Source will guide us–through the voice of our intuitive feelings–toward the action necessary to make them come true. Such is called faith.

Dare to dream.

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2016 – R. Arthur Russell

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