As Though by Magic

As Though By Magic1

I’ve been re-reading Robert Collier’s book The Secret of the Ages, and I’d like to share a short passage from Chapter Three–under the heading The Philosopher’s Charm–that I believe will help anyone who desires to deliberately create a better life. It’s related to a word we most likely heard in childhood–the magic word abracadabra.

In Chapter Three, Mr. Collier tells the account of a magician who informs a king that he has discovered a way to turn sand into gold. Naturally the king is quite interested, and employs the magician to do just that. The king listens while the magician tells him the method; and it seems plausible. The magician cautions the king, however, that for the operation to work he must not think of the word abracadabra. Try as he might, the king cannot keep the word out of his mind.

The point of all this? It’s actually based in logic, especially for those who understand the correlation between what we’re thinking and what we’re experiencing in life. For every time that we desire success in a certain aspect of our life–perhaps in health, wealth, business, or romance–it’s imperative that we keep our focus on what we desire, and not the thoughts related to doubt, fear, or failure. Those are, in fact, the equivalent to the king’s experience with the word abracadabra. 

While this may initially seem somewhat like hocus pocus, there are real implications. Do you believe that a business tycoon creates a successful new venture by concentrating on everything that could go wrong? Do you believe a world-class high jumper sets a new record by allowing visions of a crashing bar to enter mind? Do you believe an opera singer reaches that high note by imagining a faltering voice? Do you think that healing–through whatever means–occurs by focusing on disease? Do you believe that thinking I Can’t can possibly yield the positive results experienced by persons who’ve trained themselves to think I Can? And there, my friends, is the real magic of this article.

An additional point holds relevance: Although the word origin of abracadabra is in question, there are two translations which add to the importance of what we’re telling ourselves, either through thought or word. The first is from Aramaic: I create like the word. The second is from the Hebrew language: It came to pass as it was spoken. We might also remind ourselves that words are merely the outer reflection of the thoughts behind them. The word abracadabra literally means that thought (what we’re holding in mind) matters (becomes real).

Take this lesson with you. Let its positive message seep into your mind and every cell of your being. Remember this, too: We are children of the Highest of the High. As such, we have neither been forsaken, nor doomed to an earthly hell. We have power, abilities, and talents. We possess the right to think what we will, and act toward the achievement of our goals. That, in itself, is the magic by which we create the golden life we desire.

Dare to dream.

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2016 – R. Arthur Russell

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