Getting “There”

Getting There

Getting there–however we may define it–means something different to all of us. For some, it will mean having or maintaining great health. For others it may mean running a successful business, amassing large sums of money, travelling abroad, or finding that wonderful romantic relationship. It might also be symbolized by the acquisition of certain possessions, such as a house, a sports car, or a cottage by a lake, for example. However we define there, I’m here to tell you that the Law of Attraction–and our understanding of it–can definitely help us get what we desire.

How? In this article we’re going to examine a word that is integral to the process of creating more of what we desire…and less of what we don’t. That word is vacillate. From Merriam-Webster’s dictionary it’s defined as follows:

  1. :  to sway through lack of equilibrium: fluctuate, oscillate

  2. :  to waver in mind, will, or feeling :  hesitate in choice of opinions or courses

I believe that almost everyone, at least on a basic level, realizes that if we’re always changing our mind we may only reap vague and changing results. With such behaviour how could we achieve anything but? However, many people may not realize the extent to which we either aid or sabotage our efforts by vacillating in our desires.

The point about focus of attention and commitment to a dream has certainly been written about previously, but it’s worth emphasizing again. My articles, for instance, amazingly write themselves after I commit to working on the ideas that Source supplies to me! It is my focused attention to provide inspirational material that brings the intangible ideas into the realm of the here and now words that you’re reading! Anything less than that…and the articles would not exist. Source and I share a mutual promise–the ideas faithfully come to me, and I faithfully express them in the written word. Now, let’s take a deeper look at focus, which is, indeed, the opposite of vacillating:

Any stonemason knows that it is the repeated and concentrated application of hammer to chisel upon one line of the stone that actually creates the break! We may also easily understand that two steps to the left, followed by two steps to the right does not actually take us anywhere, for we would literally end up back where we began! Likewise, one brick added to a foundation–only to be removed a minute or an hour later–does not create a brick wall. When reading a book, too, we will never arrive at the final chapter unless we’re committed to turning page after page after page!

So, the point regarding focus has been made. Now, what exactly must we do? It’s simple, really. As trite as this may sound: Keep on keeping on! Be not like chaff–blown easily off course by the wind; be the rock upon which your desires can be built! Drawing on some of the above examples: Make it a habit of taking two steps forward, followed by another two steps! Lay that first brick, and another and another after that! Finish one book, and then read two or two thousand more! 

In summary: We must determine what we desire and then continue to have faith that our dreams are attainable–while taking action to bring them to reality! What, my friends, do you desire? What keeps you up at night, excitedly dreaming with a hopeful heart? With focus and concentrated effort in the right manner–like that of the stonemason–we may create our own breaks in life. And it will have nothing to do with luck! We may get there if we will trust, believe, act, and have faith. In doing so, vacillate will remain a word in the dictionary; not a habit in our life.

Dare to dream.

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2016 – R. Arthur Russell

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