The Good We Seek

The Good We Seek

To live is to experience a wide range of thoughts and emotions. No one is excluded from this, or given a free pass card. There will be ups and downs; laughter and tears; triumph and tribulation; exaltation and despair. In any given moment, on any given day, we may feel as though what we seek is beyond our reach, or worse–an illusion. The world can seem against us; our life filled with struggle. The achievement of our desires may seem an impossible dream. If such seems the case, it may help to know that the good we seek is closer than we think. In fact, it may be only one thought away. When we change the way we think, we literally–not wishfully–change our world. How, though, may we find the goodness we so desire?

Through a shift in consciousness directed by our true nature, which is spiritual. Of all of our wonderful abilities, one of our greatest is our power of attention. Contrary to popular misconception, we do not have to let our mind gallop like a wild horse. With practice, we may grab the reins and ease it to the left, to the right, or slow it to a trot. Stirred by a deep breath that brings us back to the present moment, we may redirect our attention and, thereby, shift our experience. To deliberately move us to a good point of attraction–which according to the Law of Attraction must attract more goodness–join me on a journey of gratitude. Let me guide your thoughts to a few ways to feel better…now.

  •  Put on a T-shirt, fresh from the dryer. Feel the warm embrace of the fabric against your skin.

There is the goodness of life.

  • Phone a relative or long-time friend and let the sound of his or her voice elevate your spirit. Think of how truly rich you are for having such a person in your life.

There is the goodness of life.

  • Listen to a selection of music that never fails to raise your spirits. Let the rhythm and sounds transport you to a realm of reverie.

There is the goodness of life.

  • Take your parent or parents out for a coffee. If such cannot be the case, invite an alternate caregiver or teacher who gave of their time, energy, or heart and asked for nothing in return.

There is the goodness of life.

  • While walking down the street, guide your attention to a mother or father with a young child. Perhaps the child is holding the parent’s hand, or being pushed in a stroller. For just a few moments, let your mind sense the world through the child’s innocent perspective.

There is the goodness of life.

  • Look at your hands–truly look. Spread your fingers wide and feel the stretch of your palms pulling taut. If there are scars or digits missing, be grateful for the fingers you still have and what they enable you to do. Pick up a pen–as though for the first time–and feel the wonder of every cell, nerve, and fiber.

There is the goodness of life.

  • Place your attention upon nature, even if you are living in a large city. Sit upon a park bench–if only for a few minutes–and let your eyes find the birds, butterflies, squirrels, and insects that are having their day. Feel their aliveness, and imagine the journey that they, too, are having.

There is the goodness of life.

  • While eating your next meal–however humble or extravagant it may be–place your attention upon the food before you. With soup, salad, or sandwich, be with each mouthful. Be mindful of the taste and texture of the food. Be grateful for the innate wisdom of your body, and how it performs the function of digestion without a word of instruction.

There is the goodness of life.

  • Go for a walk, even if only in the halls of your apartment. Marvel at the wonder of your feet and legs and hips that allow you to do so. Feel the aliveness that is stirring within them. If this cannot may be the case, use walker, cane, or wheelchair to move; the distance matters not. Be present, mindful, alive.

There is the goodness of life.

  • Perform at least one good deed daily for someone else–be that person a friend, relative, or complete stranger. From the depths of your heart, ask nothing in return, not even acknowledgement of your kind deed. Know that giving–sincerely–is your reward. Tell no one; in doing so you’ll begin to disengage from the conceptualized self (ego), which is the root of all suffering.

There is the goodness of life.

Through the deliberate practice of seeking goodness, we reap yet another–even richer–benefit. It is this: We attune ourselves to our deeper nature, which is God within. It is here that we will find the Source of all Goodness, for that is God’s nature. It is ours, too. And when we know that, we may go through life with strength, courage, confidence, and poise. Such goodness of life is that close.

Dare to dream.

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2016 – R. Arthur Russell

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