Consider This

Consider This

For you, my fellow co-creators, I offer a quote by Christian D. Larson (1874 – 1954), from How The Mind Works: “We become like the thoughts we think because the creative power of thought is the only creative power we have within us.”

Think for a moment. Can this be true? Do you know of any other power that holds such potential to transform your life? Have you ever raised your hand without first thinking that you should do so? Has your body–of its own volition–ever taken you for a walk? These questions seem ridiculous, because we realize that we think and thereby exercise control over our body. We also realize, of course, that much of our life and function is governed by the subconscious mind: We breathe without having to think inhale and exhale. Our heart beats by its own intrinsic rhythm. But when we consciously desire to manifest change, must we not first think of that change? Through thought do we not move our lives in certain directions?

Please contemplate what the greatest spiritual teachers have been telling us: that we are not our body, not our name, not our nationality, and not our mind. What, then, is our true nature? Consciousness itself: formless and eternal, ever present, unborn and undying, aspects of the One. If we dare to assume this true–that we are spiritual beings–what could be our only power? Yes: Thought.

Through recognition of our true identity we gain access to our true power. Nothing of this world ever came into existence without being held–first–as thought. However, the sword that we wield is double edged. It will cut in our favour–if we entertain positive thoughts aligned with health, love, and prosperity. And it will also cut against us–if we entertain negative thoughts aligned with disease, fear, and poverty.

Can I prove that we are spiritual beings first, and that thought is the only power we possess? No, I cannot; but we may experience that directly if we’re willing to abandon our false definitions of self. How? By becoming still and contemplating the following well-known spiritual expression: Do not mistake the map for the territory.

And what does that mean? This: That we must not mistake the representation (the map) for the real thing (the territory). Who of us would dare hold up a globe and proclaim: “This sphere in my hands is Earth!” And yet we claim–due to our programming since birth–to be our name! How could the arrangement of several letters possibly be who we are? How, too, could we be the ever-changing sum of our physical nature and social role? Surely, who we really are is unchanging.

Somewhere deep inside of us we know. We realize that we are more than meets the eye. We also know the order of creation. My friendly invitation in the days and years ahead is to use a power unique to us–thought–to begin the creative process of the life we desire.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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