Natural Law

Know It

To the uninitiated, the teachings regarding the Law of Attraction can seem bizarre–as though fabricated by mad mystics. We are asked to believe that our thoughts create the results that we experience in our lives. We are also told that cause and effect are intimately linked; operating upon every level. All of this may seem impossible to believe. However, if we examine our life we may discover that two and two do, indeed, add up to four, in favour of the truth regarding the teachings.

Think for a moment: Did your current career occur by happenstance? Or can you–with just a little contemplation–trace the predominant thought trail that led you to the career you’re in today? Conversely, if you haven’t found a career–but move from job to job–can you trace that to a reluctance or inability to commit to a line of work you truly desire? Is it an accident that you’re living in your current location? Or was their thought behind the move to the rural or seaside setting, town, city, or country in which you reside? Surely, you weren’t airlifted by Fate to your current dwelling. And of your relationships–or lack–can you identify a thought pattern that led to your current status? Isn’t it true that he or she matched an idea you held regarding a suitable partner? If not, can you consider the possibility that you–perhaps subconsciously–have attracted the wrong type of partners?

As much as it might seem otherwise, I’m not trying to make a case for the Law of Attraction. People will believe or disbelieve according to what feels right for them. And that’s precisely the way it should be. However, for those who already know that the Law of Attraction is real–and that it’s operating through our lives whether we believe in it or not–I’ll offer more.

At times, life can seem to flow with intoxicating ease and harmony. Every aspect of our life can feel right. During other times, however, old patterns may emerge from the shadows. We may struggle and feel lost. On certain days, we may seem to be blindsided by trying circumstances and events. Chores become more difficult; our relationships seem in turmoil; our finances may be challenged. In times such as these, it’s important to remember this:

Know the Law of Attraction. Know it as surely as you know that sunrise follows sunset. Know it as surely as you know that water is wet. Know it as surely as you know and trust the order of the seasons. Know it as surely as you know that a ball thrown up into the air will fall to the ground. Know it as surely as you trust that your heart beats and your lungs expand. Know that should you fall down, it will be a positive thought that will pick you up. Know, with unyielding faith, that your habitual thoughts matter; that we literally become what we predominately hold in mind. Know it thoroughly, until it becomes an innate part of who you are.

Why is this so important? The reason is simple: Empowerment. The quality of our life depends on the nature of the thoughts we entertain. Thoughts are the foundation upon which we build the quality of our life experiences. Our ability to think–to deliberately choose the thoughts we entertain–is our birthright. Through thought we may improve every aspect of our life. Trying times may be turned to better times by engaging a positive vision supported by positive thoughts. The gift of thought is ours to use. If we will! When we consistently reach for the grandest life-enriching thoughts that we can grasp, our life situation will improve. For it must. It’s natural law.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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