Dream “Our” Dream

Dream A Little Dream

I have a passion for studying the Law of Attraction; that much is obvious. I enjoy learning about the teachings, and I especially enjoy sharing the knowledge I’ve discovered. Why? For one reason: to help people reach for their dreams. When people manifest the life of their dreams, there are fewer frustrated people who may–in anger–ruin someone else’s day or life. The intentional use of the Law of Attraction is actually a win-win situation. It’s my hope, also, that the good news about this way of living will spread from person to person and group to group.

Regarding the subject of dreams, a point needs to be clarified. When people first hear about the Law of Attraction, they often assume that it always relates to achieving huge dreams. They may imagine it’s all about mansions, yachts, world travel, expensive cars, financial success, business empires, and being king or queen of the world! Such dreams–for those–for those who hold them–may be totally appropriate; but my intention is to encourage the act of dreaming period, regardless of the size or nature of the dreams.

Sad as it may seem, many people are experiencing rough times in the world. Live long enough, and everyone will experience hardships of some nature. In the major category, we might include death, disease, and divorce: while in the minor–but still important–category, we might toss in financial, relationship, and lifestyle difficulties that cross all cultures, ages, and races. As we’ve been told, no one ever promised us a rose garden.

In spite of difficulties that we may face, it’s imperative that we maintain–and nurture–our ability to dream. Our dreams–not idle wishes–may in fact be what carries us through the trying times. To dream of better times ahead–or continuing good ones–is vital to our survival. Such dreams come in all shapes and sizes. To people who’ve been bedridden or house bound due to illness, the goal of having a picnic by the water may be paramount. To people who’ve been devastated by the end of a relationship–for whatever reasons–the dream of loving again may inspire them to seek another special partner. To people who’ve been terminated from prestigious and high-paying careers, the dream of starting a new–perhaps smaller–business may spark a passion for life they haven’t felt in years.

For those people who are uncertain of the formula toward our goals, I offer this reminder: Intention plus Faith (Belief) plus Inspired Action equals Deliberate Creation! Expressed another way, this means: Have a goal, Believe it’s possible, and Act to make it come true. We do not have to know the way! The way will be revealed through the living of our life…as long as we hold our goal. As proof of this: Before I began to write this article, I didn’t know the way that I would do it. The way was shown to me (through receiving of inspired thought), and the article became real when I showed up at my laptop computer and performed the work of writing. The same formula works for every dream, every time.

My main point? That we should be true to ourselves. That our dreams matter–regardless of their size. What’s important to one person may be–and often is–totally unimportant to the next. And that’s fine! Only we will know what lights our passion. What a waste it would be trying to live someone else’s life. This is our journey, our life, our time to reach. Do we not owe it to ourselves to dream our dream?

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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