The Fine Balance

The Fine Balance

Having a goal feels wonderful. It can be the fire that warms our day. For a goal, we will rise early and stay up late–doing everything within our power to make it a reality. We have a business to build; a mountain to climb; a book to write; a new product to bring to market. Words like purpose, drive, initiative and achievement course through our veins like intoxicants; we feel drunk on the process of creation!

At some point, however, we may sense that our dream has stalled. In the early days, one step may have quickly led to the next. And the next after that. We were doing our part–putting faith into action–and reaping the rewards of our efforts. Now, however, the vision that once burned so brightly may be fading. We may be feeling sad, impatient, or lost. We may even be questioning if our vision will actually materialize. What now?

Most important: Realize that this stage is normal–a natural part of the creative process. We have only to look at country fields that surround us to notice that they, too, go through various seasons. After the Fall harvest, the fields lie fallow, naturally preparing for the growth that will return in Spring. There is a season to everything; a natural rhythm; an ebb and flow. And as much as we might desire continual growth, such will not always be the case. Neither is it realistic, and we can be grateful that it isn’t! When we view the creative process from a wise perspective, we’re able to transition smoothly through periods of slowed growth. We may rest assured, however, that the time is not wasted. What, though, may be gained?

While achievement is important–for it adds purpose to our days–a period of slowing growth provides many benefits. A chance to reap a healthier, more balanced, perspective may be one of them. What would we have gained in the achievement of our goals if we sacrificed our health, family life, or sense of peace? Would that be wise? Although the act of doing feels wonderful, it can also foster an addictive need to always be achieving! A healthy perspective balances achieving with the simple joy of being.

Relative dormancy offers opportunities to grow in other ways. Perhaps we’re being given a chance to practice being content in the Here and Now. If we cannot appreciate the goodness that presently surrounds us–in whatever forms it takes–it’s unlikely we will appreciate the greater rewards that come when we actually achieve our goals.

Also: A period of slowed creation may inspire us to help others achieve their goals. This life is about all of us! Beneath the masks of individuality, are we not all brothers and sisters? Perhaps there are people in our immediate group of friends or colleagues who are struggling. We might ask ourself if we possess a skill, talent, or knowledge that could contribute to their success. Our turn of continued growth will resume–perhaps sooner than we expect. Now, however, is the time to practice faith and grow in our awareness that we’re still on track. All is good!

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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