Dream, Dream, Dream

Dream Your Dream

Robert Browning, the famous poet and playwright, once wrote: Man’s reach should always exceed his grasp. To me, this means that we should honour our creative instincts to strive for that which is greater. This trait–our ability to create–plays a huge role in what actually defines humankind. That’s only natural; for we are creators, descended from the Creator of All.

The purpose of this blog is to share information regarding the Law of Attraction, which–if acted upon–will help empower people to achieve their goals. For many individuals, the truth that our thoughts play an integral role in the results we experience seems farfetched. Such people believe that our quality of life–and degree of success–has little or nothing to do with the thoughts and beliefs we entertain. However, experts in the field of mind inform us otherwise; as do wise men and women who have studied personal growth and the Law of Attraction. They realize that our thoughts and beliefs have everything to do with what we experience.

For those who doubt the truth of the Law of Attraction, we may learn more through a lesson in contrast. To begin, let’s examine what happens to a dream when we deliberately think nothing positive about it at all: Perhaps we wish to own a house, but let the thought of building–or buying–one flit away, as though a bird on the wing. No effort is given to the dream: no attempt to search for homes for sale; no attempt to arrange for financing; no attempt to contact home builders. Is it safe to conclude that the home–once dreamt of–will remain only a wish? Obviously so, unless the beggars’ best friend, Fate, drops one in our lap.

The point, although not brilliant, may help prove that effort–beginning with thought, and maintained with deliberate focus–will (in the case of the house) guide us from ground breaking to foundation; from floors to walls; from roof to interior; and finally to the day when we hold the key to our new home! Simple really. We might think of the process as an equation: Thought + Belief + Inspired Action = Deliberate Creation. Conversely, we realize that if one–or all–of these three components is missing, we will be left empty handed.

The choice regarding what we reach toward is up to us. There is no right or wrong, for each of us is unique. Something that’s important to one may be totally unimportant to another. What we do share in common, however–to lesser or greater degree–is our greatest faculty: our ability to think! It may be deliberately honed, like a knife sharpened against a whetstone. Through thinking, we may envision a future of our design. And through applied faith, visualization, and inspired action, we can make our dreams come true.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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