Stealing “Home”


Although I’m not a sports fan, there’s an expression from the baseball world that’s relevant to our understanding of the Law of Attraction. It’s this: You can’t steal home plate while you’re standing on third base.” It means, of course, that we can’t ever hope to score a run without first leaving third base. How does this apply to our study?

Knowledge regarding the Law of Attraction–when understood and properly applied–can empower us to achieve our goals and contribute to the quality of our life. I strongly believe this true. However, I also believe that misconceptions about the teachings are hindering the efforts of many individuals. Perhaps the most common misconception is this: that to create deliberate change in our lives we have only to become clear about our desires; visualize the end results on a regular basis; and do nothing more! To believe so, is to be mistaken about the third–integral–component of the teachings: Receiving.  Every noteworthy book on the Law of Attraction makes one point very clear: We receive what we desire through inspired and persistent action! To take no action beyond the first two steps is equivalent to standing on third base…in spite of numerous opportunities to steal home plate.

As used in this article, Home Plate is symbolic for the goals we desire to achieve. Our home plate could be that successful business we’ve always wanted to own; a special relationship for which we’ve longed; losing weight, quitting smoking, or travelling to a foreign country. It could be increasing our financial wealth; owning a home; or purchasing a sports car. Whatever our personal home plate might be, it’s imperative that we act when we receive intuition to do so! To dream, hope, visualize, and expect without action is to doom our desires to remain nothing more than wishes.

What, though, are we to do when we’re uncertain of the steps regarding our goals? First, we must believe that our goals are possible. Second, we must have faith that the Universe will guide us to take inspired action. In and of themselves, these two steps are actually action; for they involve thought processes of a deliberate and definite nature. Through our belief we show our trust in the natural process of creation. The opposite of faith–doubt–is negative action, which can never lead to the achievement of our goals. Beyond trusting–for as long as necessary–we must forge the habit of continuously reaching for our goals, even if only through small steps. We must be like the ever vigilant baseball player awaiting opportunities to run toward home plate.

For those individuals interested in beginning a business, our small step might involve attending a convention open to the public. For those desiring a partner with whom to share life, our small step might involve attending more functions, joining a dating site, or going on a blind date. For those desiring to lose weight, quit smoking, or travel to a foreign country, our small step might involve joining a weight loss program, consulting with a doctor, or meeting with a travel agent. To increase our wealth, own a home, or purchase a sports car, we must also follow intuitive nudges that feel right.

Are we guaranteed that our first attempt to steal home will result in the achievement of our goal? No. It may take our second, twenty-second, or one-hundredth-and-twenty-second attempt before we successfully slide into home plate and win the game. However, there is a guarantee if we continue to stand on third base, without ever taking action toward the goals we hold most dear. One last point: When we step off third base, please, please, please be thinking I can do this!

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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