Guiding Nudges


We’ve discovered what we really want in life–our heart’s desire! That’s great! It’s the first step–Ask–in the creative process. Most people don’t really know; and many people have only vague notions–such as “to have a lot of money,” or “to travel,” but they know nothing specific about the amount of money, or where or when they want to travel! In the Law of Attraction teachings, we’re taught: “Vague goals create vague results.” It’s equivalent to wandering through life, without any clear destination in mind.

A teaching that is also central to the Law of Attraction is that we will be guided. Not surprisingly, many people may wonder: “What the heck does that really mean?” Their thoughts on the matter are understandable. Many of us can feel isolated at times, as though we have to figure life out all alone. We’ve been told that we have to make our own way, and that the world can be a dog-eat-dog experience. When we’re told to believe that we will be guided, it can seem like a fairy tale. Nothing could be further from the truth. We will be guided, but first we need to understand how that occurs.

The second step in the manifestation process–to Believe we can achieve our goals–will become easier when we understand how to recognize the guiding nudges that lead us to Receive, which is the third step. We recognize such nudges by practicing our powers of attention. To do this, we must still our mind–which is often distracted by the hustle and bustle of life–and heighten our awareness. When we do, we’ll look beyond the superficial appearance of circumstances and events and intuit their deeper meanings. We’ll also begin to notice the role of synchronicity in our lives. As this becomes more natural, we’ll come to know that nothing happens by accident. There is cause and effect to every aspect of life. There is order, too.

So…we’re paying attention, but nothing seems to be happening with regard to our desire. We’re being patient and holding to our vision. One day, however, a friend suggests that we read this great book! We’ve never heard of it before, but we’re mildly interested because the subject relates to one of our goals. Something tweaks within us…a subtle awareness. We may do nothing. Two days later: The person we’re sitting beside on the bus is reading that exact book! This time, our eyes widen and our attention is engaged! Is this how the Universe nudges us toward our goal? Most definitely, yes!

The guiding nudges can take an infinite variety of forms: a conversation overheard that relates to an aspect of our desire; a book at the library or local bookstore seems to cry out for our attention; a person who enters our life–even briefly–who’s successful in our field of interest. All of these are ways the Universe is calling! Our task is to become still enough to notice. The more we expect such nudges, the more easily and frequently we’re going to receive them. With practice, we’ll sense them clearly–often. And most importantly, we’ll trust them enough to act immediately.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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