Giving of Ourself


Society–at least in the Western world–is often consumed with the idea of getting. Too often we believe that we have to get the best education; get the best job; get the perfect spouse; get the best house! And with that mindset of getting, we can find ourselves in the mental trap of having to get even more! If we’re going to manifest effective change in our lives, however, we must change that thinking. The notion of getting first–prior to giving–breaches the law of supply, which decrees that we must give first.

This concept may be difficult to understand–especially if we believe that we have nothing to give–but it will be easier to grasp if we contemplate nature. In this case, we’ll look at how a farmer must give first, before ever hoping to receive. At the right time, in the right place, the farmer gives by preparing the soil and buying and planting seed. All work is performed with no guarantee of a successful harvest. That doesn’t deter the farmer from giving, however; for he/she understands–perhaps only intuitively–the law of supply. If the farmer does not give first, the fields will soon lie fallow.

For those who desire to receive, rest assured that we will. All that we have to do is believe in the nature’s creative process by first serving a need. We must discover a way to give. If we’re employed in a menial job and would prefer a better job, we may give our best effort! And not just once, but 100% of the time! We must be the type of employee that we, ourself, would hire! We must go above and beyond, finding creative ways to serve our employer and customers more effectively. If we rise above our calling in one workplace–or our best efforts are not recognized or rewarded–a move to another place of business may be required…and the next after that. Always, though, we must continue to give first.

In our personal life, aligning with this law pays huge dividends in the form of loving relationships, both romantic and platonic. What partner or friend wouldn’t prefer to be with someone who finds ways of giving–attention, kindness, special gifts? In time, such behaviour will attract a person of similar values who believes that love–in and of itself–means to give without thinking “what’s in this for me?” Does this mean we should be a doormat for others? No, for we must also protect our own state of well being.

The natural laws of life may not be breached or altered by humans, for they were not made by us. We can, however, align with them and, thereby, benefit greatly. Just as we know the law of gravity–and realize that a ball thrown up into the air will fall to the ground–we may know that the Law of Supply is working in us, through us, and for us. After we give–of our talents, resources, love–we have but to wait patiently to receive what returns. Our time and effort will be well spent. And more important, we’ll draw closer to the One that empowers all of life.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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9 thoughts on “Giving of Ourself

  1. Art, This summer when I was in Peru I learned the Incan concept of ayni, which means today for you, tomorrow for me.  Universal truths are beautiful.  Namaste, Linda.


  2. Great thoughts and advice Art. I currently find myself in the situation you describe in paragraph 3. I have been, unkowingly, using the concept you describe here. I’ve stepped up my activity and have brought several cost-saving ideas to the table. I don’t know yet whether I’m making any headway with the upper echelon…yet, but I’m hoping and working.

    However, there’s really no room for growth in this job, just survival; outsourcing being a real threat

    Just surviving til something else comes along.


    1. Thanks very much, Ron. I know that your continued efforts regarding cost saving, etc, must be rewarded. I’ve read, and believe, that we don’t have to just abandon a job, either–because we do have bills to pay, etc–but that doesn’t mean that we can’t begin to bridge our way into a different career, if only part time. When I see the way you write…I think of you as a very successful author. You truly have a gift, and I would pay to buy your books!

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