How, Dreams, How?


Anyone with even a basic understanding of the Law of Attraction will be familiar with one point: We’re not to be concerned with how we’re going to manifest what we desire. Upon learning this, many individuals may feel ready to pitch The Secret and other related books out the window! The teaching seems so illogical! How–we reason–can we ever create the results we desire if we don’t know how? How can we manifest financial freedom? How can we create better health? How can we attract those enticing new possessions? So many of our goals seem to hinge upon that one word: How.

There is logic involved, however, even if not immediately obvious. If we examine a period in our life that includes a major event, it will become clear that the event occurred despite our ignorance of how it would. As life occurs new and fresh in each moment, doesn’t it make sense that the exact path to a specific goal could not be predicted? If we contemplate how we met our partner or spouse, isn’t it true that–a day, or even an hour prior–we didn’t know how he/she would enter our life? Did we know that friends would introduce us? And if so, which friends? Or that going to the grocery store on Friday at exactly 6:59 pm would lead to our meeting in the Frozen Goods Aisle?

Regarding education, did we know when we received our diploma or degree that it would lead us to our current employer? Or the company we now own? The truth is that life is an unfoldment. Our main task as co-creators is to dream our dream and intend our future into existence. Once we’re clear about what we desire, our next task is to believe (have faith) that the achievement is possible, and that the way will be made known. We receive the reality of our creation by taking step-by-step action. People will guide us; life will guide us; intuition will guide us. Our work is to remain strong to our vision and keep on going. If we stop, for whatever reasons, the dream will die; or at least temporarily come to a halt.

We may more easily accept the point of this article–to have faith–if we quiet our mind and contemplate a few questions: Do the seasons occur haphazardly? Or do we see order in their sequence? Do we trust that day will follow night, and vice versa? Is it possible that One Universal Intelligence (Source) is operating in and through everything and everyone, including us? If so, may we receive guidance from It? Day in and day out, we trust Life with matters of great importance: that our heart will beat; that our lungs will exchange gases; that our digestive system will assimilate food. Surely we may also trust Life with our goals.

Being overly concerned with the how’s of life leads us nowhere. In fact, focusing on the how’s may immobilize us and our dream completely. If we know some of the pieces of the puzzle, we can fit them together as best we can. If we’re unaware of action to take, we are best to wait–detached and at ease–until we feel an intuitive nudge. The next clue in our evolving journey–perhaps meeting a mentor in our chosen field–will come! Patience is of great value, for through it we remain open to inspiration. This alone moves us forward. We may leave the how’s to the Universe; the vision, belief, and action to us.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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