Law of Attraction: Inner Work

Inner Work

When we begin our study of the Law of Attraction, the notion that we attract according to the nature of our thoughts may initially seem odd. This is only natural, for we’ve been conditioned to view life much differently. From a young age, we’ve been taught–by parents, peers, teachers, and others in authority–to yield our power unconsciously; to let our state of natural joy be dictated by the world of circumstance. As we become more knowledgeable, however, we gradually accept the truth of the teachings and settle into a new way of living. This new way includes what I term inner work.

What do I mean by inner work? Work that’s connected with who we are on the inside, at the level of our soul or innermost Being. We may become aware of this inner dimension at any time, for it arises frequently in both joyful and painful situations. Often, however, we become more acutely aware of it when something feels wrong or strangely misaligned. It’s important to understand inner work for two reasons: to develop a greater awareness of who we actually are, and also to manifest more effectively in the here and now. An example may help make this more clear:

Let’s imagine that we’ve driven to a neighbouring town or city. We’ve done some shopping or met with some friends and had a good time. However, on our way home we find that we’re stuck behind three or four vehicles, all of which seem to be moving more slowly than we would prefer. For a few minutes, we feel fine; but as the kilometers roll by without an opportunity to pass, we’re overtaken by a subtle frustration. Something feels wrong. The world is not operating according to the way we believe it should!

In such a situation, it’s important to be aware of that inner work to which I’ve alluded. We are wise to know that what feels wrong actually resides within us! Nowhere outside of our own perspective is anything actually wrong! The vehicles in the example are travelling at the posted speed, and actually pose no threat to our safety. With our knowledge that like attracts like, we realize that feelings of frustration and impatience can only attract more situations of a similar nature! How, then, do we break the cycle?

We break it through awareness. By being present in the moment. By living as the silent witness of our thoughts, not slave to them! When negative thoughts and feelings arise, we may acknowledge them and bid them farewell–by not engaging them further! We might imagine a Reset Button that we can press to redirect the focus of our attention. Remember: It is only we who empower thoughts–through our participation in them! Every time we consciously and deliberately choose a positive focus, we take a giant leap toward freedom! And with that freedom, we become more capable of creating the life-enriching results that we desire.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


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4 thoughts on “Law of Attraction: Inner Work

  1. Pressing the mental “reset” button is sheer genius, Art! Thanks I’ve been struggling to find an effective and memorable pointer to use when the stream of negative thinking sets in; I believe “reset” will stick with me.

    “Abort!!” was my most recent pointer. Although it causes me to laugh at myself, and I abruptly stop the negative thinking, I feel like I’ve lost my ground and I have trouble re-grouping. So I’ve decided to abort the use of “abort” in favour of “reset”, LOL. It sounds and feels gentler. In golf parlance, the word reset seems to allow for a “Mulligan” by encouraging me to try again for a straighter, truer and more positive course.

    Incidentally, I’ve almost finished my reading of your archives. Really appreciate everything you post here. You’ve found your “direction”. Keep it coming! Thank you again.

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    1. Thanks very much for your kind comments, Cheryl. I can’t take credit for the Reset idea. I know that I’ve heard it used several places–definitely by Michael Losier, who is a Law of Attraction teacher who lives in Victoria, BC. I’ll do my best to keep the articles coming. Thanks again for your kind comment.


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