Keys to a Better Life


Richard has misplaced his car keys, and he needs them now! He’s running late for an important meeting with his boss. He can’t miss it! Frantically he searches for his keys–his dresser, the nightstand, his pockets, drawers, the kitchen counter, the desk in his office–all to no avail. In his mind, he’s telling himself this: I’m never going to find those keys! I can’t see them! I’m so dumb!

As Richard’s stress level reaches a new high, his wife, Marian, enters their bedroom and sees the panicked expression on his face. “My keys,” he says, “I’ve got to find my keys!” Marian glances toward the night stands but then focuses her attention on his dresser. “No sense looking  there,” Richard says, “I’ve already checked it.” Undaunted, Marian calmly eyes the dresser and then opens the top drawer. In her mind, she’s thinking this: I know I can find those keys! They must be here. I’m going to find them.” A few moments later, she sees the keys in full view in the right corner of the drawer. She picks them up and dangles them in front of Richard, a playful grin on her face. “Looking for these,” she says?

We could finish this fictitious account of the lost keys by telling that Richard made it to the office on time; that his boss was incredibly appreciative of Richard’s performance within the company; and that Richard received a massive bonus! That sweet ending, however, isn’t the point. The point is this: Richard’s eyes actually saw the same keys that Marian so proudly located. However, due to the negative messages that Richard was telling himself, his mind wouldn’t allow him to be conscious of them! His mind did exactly as he had programmed it to do!

What we experience in life has everything to do with what we’re expecting to find! And what we find is intimately related to what we habitually program into our mind. Expect to find a good day–perhaps through affirmations stating such–and we’re far more likely to experience it! As someone once said: Everything is created twice; first in our mind and then in our reality! The same principle that relates to locating the keys holds true for every aspect of our life. Do we desire greater health, greater wealth, greater success in every aspect of our life? Then we must program our mind to expect such! What are the keys to finding the life we desire? Definite intention, positive belief, and intuitive action.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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