Recognizing Who We Are

Recognizing Who We Are

The title of this article may seem silly; perhaps idiotic. Of course we know who we are! Or do we? Are we just a bunch of Jane and John Does, or are we far more than names and other descriptive terms suggest? In the teachings of the Law of Attraction, we are told that we are creators–or more accurately, co-creators. The uninitiated may scoff, for the term seems to be absolute rubbish. Is it?

Think, or at least consider: How do we know any thing? By its traits? Description? By how we perceive it through our five senses? If we think of a leopard, do spots and speed come to mind? If we think of an elephant, do a long swinging trunk and massive body come to mind? If we think of a shark, do gills and razor-sharp teeth come to mind? Of a monkey–long hairy arms and swinging from tree branches? Of an apple–a palm-sized fruit that grows on an apple tree? And if we think of a spider, do multiple legs and cobwebs spring from our memory?

And when we think of us what comes to mind? Do we think of a bipedal creature of two genders, who walks upright, speaks various languages, eats, breaths, sleeps? In the usual course of a day–during the hustle and bustle of a world that can seem to be driving us–do we ever consider that we are creators? The answer: probably not! Who, then, is creating our experience? If we were to imagine a creator, would a creator not require the one trait that we actually possess? That’s right! A creator would have to possess the ability to think–to imagine the visions that only a creator could hold in mind. Just as we recognize a leopard by its spots, and an elephant by its trunk, we may also recognize that we are creators–due to the one defining trait that defines a creator: the ability to think. Now…

With this unique ability comes great responsibility. Why? Because in our waking hours, we are always thinking–sometimes more, sometimes less. All day, every day, we are immersed in thoughts that we either originate or receive. The caution with this ability is this: Positive and constructive thoughts lead to positive results. Negative and destructive thoughts lead to negative results.

When we truly know who we are we may free ourselves from the tyranny that we–through our own ignorance–have placed upon ourselves. We are far more than names; far more than physical description; far more than race and roles: We are co-creators of the universe. Is this blasphemy? Are we claiming that we are God? No, but we are individuated form (human beings) that are created in His image (imagination). We, too, create through our faculty of imagination. What shall we choose to create? If not up to us, who?

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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