Taking Grant For Granted

Taking Grant For Granted2

Grant Johnson: He believes himself to be the sum total of his thoughts, feelings, body, sensations, perceptions, and circumstances. He believes this to be undeniably true. In his mind, he is his name, physical appearance, personal history (including degree of success or failure), and even the possessions he has, thus far, acquired. What a busy mind. He’s always comparing, for that’s his intrinsic nature. “Am I good enough?” is the persistent whispered question he hears, for a degree of insecurity is always lurking nearby. There’s also fear; of being discovered as a fraud; and of the inevitable–death. What then?

What’s the problem with this way of existing? Simple: It’s not based in truth. It’s actually a projection through the perspective of a false and apparently separate self. The story of Grant Johnson may seem real; but it’s a relative truth only, constructed from thoughts and beliefs. And a false belief (such as two plus two equal five), although possible to believe, can never alter the underlying reality. Two plus two is four–now and forever! In the case of Grant Johnson, his story has little to do with the essential and absolute truth of his Being. However, the false self, which is formed in the mental state, will hijack his true identity at every opportunity. It’s always busy, continually constructing itself through the power of thought and the use of “I, Me, and My.” That’s its very nature; it is self centered. To be silent–still–is to run the risk of being discovered in a lie, as a lie. And the Grant Johnson we speak of in this article wouldn’t like that at all.

How does this understanding relate to the Law of Attraction, and how can it possibly help us create a more abundant and happier life? When we recognize our true identity (Spirit, Awareness, Being), we gain access to the Infinite Intelligence (Consciousness) that actually forms worlds. When life is approached from the limited perspective of the egoic self, however, we’re shut off–at least to our knowing–from The Source of our Being. As such, we’re deprived of the intuitive living connection that can help us in every aspect of our life. When confined within the conceptual self, we also feel separate, stressed, and dependent upon our own–relatively limited–resources.

Is there a direct way to experience this Source? Yes. The Bible–and other sacred texts–offers us clear advice. Psalm 46:10 (KJV) reads as follows: Be still, and know that I am God. The practical meaning of this passage? To still our thinking (perhaps through meditation or time spent in nature) and get out of our minds. What is meant by God, from the viewpoint of the Law of Attraction teachings? In short, Consciousness. And contrary to the popular perspective, which postulates that consciousness arises from form, Consciousness exists prior to all. It is, therefore, primary cause. It is the Alpha and Omega. However, It is not a personified deity, as often conceptualized; rather, impartial and impersonal Universal Intelligence. Attempting to define The Infinite is an impossible task, but for the sake of understanding we’ll make a concession. Consciousness would thus be defined as self-luminous, self-aware, presence. And how may we experience–not only believe–this?

Through a logical approach, one not aimed at beliefs. Key to this understanding  is this: You’re not, and cannot ever be, who you think you are. Why? Because the mind (via thought) can only form a representation of truth, never truth itself. Consider: If our car needs repairs, could the thought “mechanic” be of any help? Or would we require an actual mechanic? Likewise: If we’re refurbishing our home, could the word “carpenter” be of any assistance? Of course not. It’s imperative that we differentiate between an actual thing, and the thought of a thing. The former is experienced directly, and the latter is conceptualized through a mental process (which can only render a depiction). In spiritual teachings, this could be expressed thus: Do not mistake the map for the territory. Which means: Do not mistake the symbol for the real item. To catch a glimpse of Source referred to in this article, please read the following instructions and try an experiment aimed at direct knowing:

Find a place to sit quietly, away from disturbances of any nature. Only a few minutes are required. Sit cross-legged if you wish (as in a traditional meditation posture) or in a comfortable chair. Breathe normally, in a relaxed manner. Let tension drain from the body. Now, close your eyes and let your focus drift inward, away from stimuli of the world. Pay attention to your breath; inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. The aim is not to fall asleep, but to pay attention to what’s happening in the moment. Perform this experiment for three to five minutes.

When we return to this article–fresh with the memory of experience–please consider the following questions: At any point while breathing, did a thought cross your mind? Could you sense its arrival? Yes? Were you aware of its departure? Yes? When a thought of any nature (dinner? an errand to run? the next day?) departed, did you feel diminished in any way? No? Did you still feel present when the thoughts left? If so, can you entertain the possibility that you are not your thoughts? Nor are you the sum total of feelings, bodily sensations, or sense perceptions–for all of these also come and go. The constant backdrop of all that arises is Consciousness Itself. Our true and essential nature is often described as The Silent Witness (Being, Awareness, Consciousness). Our error—ingrained in us since birth–has been to misidentify Universal Consciousness (which is impersonal) as our personal consciousness. Thus: the rise of separateness in the world.

Our true nature is subjective–only. Contrary to conventional belief, we share One Consciousness, through which we live and breathe and have our Being. It is That–the very foundation of all. The phenomenal world, including all seemingly real objects, arises in and through Consciousness. All objects have no real substance beyond our perceptions of such. Quantum physics is verifying this truth; for it’s now known that atoms–once considered the tiniest particles of matter–are, indeed, 99.999% empty space. To our amazement, we discover the intangible (Consciousness) is real–the tangible only relatively so! The body/mind is an individuated aspect of That (Consciousness). That is our essential nature. That permeates time and space and form. That is closer than the pulse in our neck. And what is the point from a co-creators point of view? We are wise to dream, create, and manifest from the perspective of Beingness. By doing so, we gain access to a rich world of opportunities previously believed unavailable.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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