Trusting The Universe


For many individuals new to the teachings of the Law of Attraction, this article–in fact the title itself–may seem too bizarre to be taken seriously. For them, expressions such as The Universe may reek of malarkey and a side of life they don’t wish to explore; perhaps because they think it’s occupied by fools. To believe so, however, deprives us greatly–of our intuitive connection to the Oneness of All. Let’s journey through a logical approach to discovering that–which although unseen–may be known and trusted to have our best interests at heart.

Before we journey onward, we must clarify what is meant by the expression The Universe. In short: God. That’s a heavy word, isn’t it? For many individuals, the term God is laden with troubling and unbelievable concepts. Visions of a personified figure–perhaps Mosses-like–who rules judgmentally and blesses some of his children, yet curses others, may come to mind. This conception–at least as it applies to teachings of the Law of Attraction–is false. In the teachings, The Universe, or Divine Intelligence, is known as life essence that is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. The last three terms, which may be unfamiliar to some, mean totally present, totally knowing, and totally powerful. We may summarize this in three short words: ALL in all. It is ALL (The Highest) in all (everything and everyone that rises from and through it). The converse–all in ALL–is also true.

We may grasp a more thorough understanding of The Universe–and come to know and trust it implicitly–by examining a few of the miracles around us. Think: Do we know how to grow a blade of grass? Just one? Do we? Or does this occur naturally, via the power and intelligence of The Universe?  Do we know how to beat our heart? Could we fashion a heart such as ours? Likewise, are we capable of healing a cut? Of telling which cells, in which order, when to enter and exit and perform their functions? Do we know how to form a human respiratory system? One that functions with ease, without having to direct it when to inhale and exhale? Such are only a few of an infinite number of miracles in which we are immersed. They are in us, around us, through us, above us, and below us!

Regarding the title of this article: Does trusting The Universe, consciously and deliberately, now make good sense? May we logically conclude that knowing this One-And-Only Power would be of tremendous benefit in our health, our wealth, our success? What–literally–could be against us if The Universe were for us? It’s illogical to conclude that an Intelligent Power–which is in us, through us, and surrounding us–would act against its own nature; for such would be an act against Itself. We need only ensure that our goals align with the nature of The Universe (which is only goodness) to reconnect with tremendous power. And we may trust that The Universe will inform us via our intuition of the quickest, safest, and best ways to achieve our dreams.

What will our egoic self think of these teachings? That they’re utter nonsense! Our ego (the little i) would have us believe only it knows best! Our task is to distinguish between how we think and feel. How we think comes from our little self. How we feel, however, emanates from our grander self, which is connected to The-One-In-All. We may recognize intuitive feelings by their subtler nature. Our body or part of it–perhaps the gut–will inform us when something feels misaligned, out of order, or not in our best interests. At first it may be challenging to determine whether our guidance is true or false; but as we practice and evolve, the process becomes much easier. The difference related to living this way is great–akin to navigating a long journey via a paper road map, or the grandest GPS system.

There are other expressions synonymous with trusting The Universe–the best known being Let go and let God. With our logical understanding of the teachings, does this now make sense? Doesn’t it seem wise to trust that God–Who is in us, through us, and whose nature is goodness–has our back? We may contemplate this–if only for ten seconds–by focusing on the beating of our heart; which in those intervening seconds beat an average of six to eight times by the power and intelligence of The Universe. We had to do nothing but be grateful that it did.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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