Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace

Freeman, Edward

Edward (“Eddie”) Freeman, thirty, died peacefully at home on Tuesday, July 4th, surrounded by his loving family. Beloved husband of Janet, proud father of Jane and Kirk, he was predeceased by his father, John, and is survived by his mother, Mary. Family and friends will forever remember him as a kind, generous, and loving man. Following a private service at Bolton’s Funeral Home, his body will be laid to rest at Pleasant Valley Cemetery. Donations may be made in his memory to The Recovery Center at Forge Memorial Hospital.

* * *

This article is about nothing. That’s right, nothing. Our focus will not be the doing of anything. We’re going to stop striving; stop achieving; stop wanting; stop needing; stop demanding; stop complaining; stop criticizing; and stop trying to make life anything other than it is…this very moment. Today, we will not be envisioning anywhere other than here and now; and we will not be chasing dreams of money, mansions, or gold.

Right now–this very minute–we’re going to drop all our tasks, all our doing, all our errands that we have deemed so important! We’re going to stop–if only briefly–our absurd and compulsive fascination with seeking. For once, enough will be enough. Our only intention will be to meet life on its terms, to be attentively aware, to embrace the glory contained in each moment. In still silence, we will celebrate our breath; the beat of our heart; the love of family and friends. With a reverent glance toward the sky, we’ll knowingly admit that–like the drifting clouds–we, too, will one day pass. Such need not seem a loss, for the realization gives meaning to our days.

Today, however, we live! All of time’s sweet fruit is ripe…here and now. We will honour this day, this hour, this moment. To do so is simple. We need not beg for it; we need not plan for it; we need not alter it in any way. Nothing needs to be added or subtracted; nor multiplied or divided. We have only to let the sum total touch and warm our heart. It is perfect…as it is. What a joy to rest from our striving for more…more…more. Awakened, we may live the vibrant fullness of each moment. Eddie would be proud.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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