Say What?

Say What3

As students of the Law of Attraction, we’ve most likely heard it before. And the news is, we’re going to hear it again! What’s that? I’m going to repeat what Louise Hay, famous teacher, author, and founder of Hay House Publishing has stated: It’s as if the Universe is hearing everything you think, feel, and say. What’s the importance of this information, and how may we put it to good use?

Let’s consider what we already understand about the Law of Attraction: We know–at least conceptually–that the Universe reflects (like a mirror) our habitual thoughts. Depending on our state of mind, this will seem either good or bad; for this places the responsibility for our life directly with us. We also understand that Source neither punishes nor rewards. In fact, Source (God, Divine Intelligence, The Great Architect) functions impartially. We understand our higher self (not the ego), possesses free will through the thoughts we think and the choices we make.

While this may seem difficult to believe, it’s actually good news, at least if we apply the knowledge wisely. By aligning ourselves with Source, we may rise above our current circumstances and actualize more of our desires. Better health, increased wealth, greater success, and more fulfilling relationships may be ours! Action, too, is required, but we will be guided. Our task–now and forever–is to aware of what we are saying to the Universe.

At first, the task of knowing what’s going on in our mind may seem daunting; however, with practice this becomes much easier. We learn to pay attention, not only to the repetitive and aimless thoughts, but also to our feelings. If we’re not feeling good, we may conclude that we’ve been thinking negative or fearful thoughts. As we become more aware, we also evolve in our speech patterns. We realize that words–like the thoughts behind them–are creative in nature, and manifest according to their literal meaning. Through watching our words, we unearth hidden (subconscious) beliefs. On occasion, we may catch our self utter a statement that clearly implies poverty, lack, or a belief that we’re undeserving of the very best life has to offer.

The point to realize is that our thoughts, feelings, and words, are saying something. Not only to us, but to The Universe. All three imply, tell, inform, and attract! Our task is to pay attention. We may align with positive thoughts at any moment–the choice is ours. It’s all good. We’re up to the task–we really are. And when we change within, we’re going to experience change without.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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