Rediscovering True Self


In my ebook entitled Hold That Thought, I reveal that through my study of the Law of Attraction I unintentionally deepened my spiritual quest. That journey, I’m happy to say, has helped me rediscover more about true self and continues to this day. Why do I share this? Because in reconnecting with true self we also realign with Source, which is the Power through which we may fulfill our dreams. Such is a win-win situation.

Before we discover more about true self, however, let’s examine some of the common definitions of the false self–which most people errantly believe to be their true identity. Think: If asked who we are, do we not first offer our name? After a little contemplation, however, we realize that names are only labels–letters so arranged to form words that refer to people. Asked for a truer definition, we next often reach for titles: doctor, nurse, carpenter, plumber, lawyer, and librarian. Again we realize these terms can’t possibly be who we are; for they are also merely words describing what we do, not who we are. Next we may claim that age, cultural roles, physical description, and nationality are who we are. However, we soon conclude that these terms are as useless as the others. Who, then, are we?

We are spirit (Consciousness) and we may awaken to this truth here and now. Why do we need to know? Because when we know who we are, we also recognize the Source (God) of our Being. We may also think of God as Love; for Source’s nature is to love unconditionally. Forever and ever we may rest in that love. We call and Source answers. If we don’t hear, it’s only that we’re not listening correctly. If this sounds mysterious, or perhaps ludicrous, the use of an analogy may help us more clearly understand.

Think: If we desire to dig a hole, might we have use of a shovel? Yes? And if we went to our garden and prepared to dig, could we actually excavate earth with the word shovel? Would we not be standing empty handed? Could the word actually help us dig the hole? Of course, not! We realize that shovel is merely a word that represents the real item. Would not the same truth apply to us? Do we now understand that the aforementioned terms cannot possibly be our real self? Perplexed at a crossroad of understanding, we may ask how to discover–and know–our true self. The answer: by becoming still. When we quiet the mind (which will naturally rebel), we create a space through which the silent witness may reveal itself. There–in the gap between two thoughts–is our true self. In spiritual circles this self is often described by two words: I AM. This is who we are, the ever-present “I” in which all thoughts, sensations, and sense perceptions arise.

The benefits of reawakening to our true self are many: Work that may have previously seemed liked drudgery will be performed with ease. Anxiety about life will dramatically lessen; for through the recognition of our connection to Source we’ll realize we have nothing to fear. Likewise, the habit of complaining will diminish; and be replaced by a sense of deep and lasting peace. Regarding goals, we’ll be guided by Divine Intelligence; receive inspiration frequently; have faith that our efforts are not in vain. An example may help:

When I first began writing this blog, I literally had no ideas for the articles which have since been published. I knew only that I was passionate about the Law of Attraction, that I desired to share this knowledge to help others, and that I possessed a talent for writing. Nowhere did I have a list of articles. The ideas that inspired me came after I placed my request to receive them. All that remained was for me to apply myself–to jot down titles and ideas as they arrived, turn on my computer, and write the words. Editing, too, was done for me–through me. The good news? That the same creative process holds true for all of our desires–every time.

Rediscovering True Self is not about religion. It’s about realizing our essential nature, which brings us home to the Source of our Being. Through Source, we may receive inspiration, move forward positively, and create more effectively. Life will also feel lighter, for the burden of ego can be unbearable. Worth considering? If so, we may quiet our mind and enter the stillness from which all inspiration flows. As we dig a little deeper, the surprising truth of our nature will be revealed.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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