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Calendar Days2

One of my passions is sharing information about the Law of Attraction. The reason is simple: Because I so strongly believe in the truth of the teachings. Through my articles, published every five days, I hope to empower people to meet the challenges of life and achieve what they desire. Why? Because I believe that empowered people are happier and healthier; and, thus, positively contribute to the creation of a better world.

Regarding the title of this article: It might be easy to assume that every five days–because I’ve committed to that schedule–I just sit at my computer, bang on a few keys, and press Send. That’s not the case. From the minute that I publish an article, I begin to consciously think of my next article: of new angles; of new and meaningful information to share with readers. This conscious effort then prompts the subconscious mind. Initial drafts based on intuitive ideas lead to editing. And more editing. I share this to make a point: To achieve our dreams and goals, we must make them a relaxed but persistent focus. To think of them once every five days–five weeks or five months–is not enough. They must occupy the foreground of our mind, not the background.

This point may be made clearer via a phrase from Thessalonians in the Bible: to pray unceasingly. Many individuals interpret this to mean that we are to get on our knees and beg to a deity. However, from my understanding, the phrase means to concentrate our thinking upon what we desire–not on what we don’t! That could be the house we desire; a new car; improved health and fitness; a different career; travel to a foreign country; a spouse, partner, new friend; or whatever else we deem important in our life.

How may we apply this? Through various means, but all of them basically involve immersing ourselves–in a relaxed way–in whatever we desire. And we are always to imagine our desire from the end result, as though already achieved. An example may help: If we desire a new car? Visit car dealerships and bring home brochures of models that catch our interest. Go for test drives. Speak with people who already own the type of automobile we desire. Attend an Auto Show and sit in various cars. Set a photo of the car we desire as the wallpaper on our computer. Visualize–if only for a few minutes each day–how it feels to sit behind the wheel. Whatever our desire, it will manifest more quickly through our relaxed but persistent focus.

With practice, we will discover methods that feel natural and right. Nothing should be forced; nothing made of life or death importance. A detached and expectant perspective works best, for creation functions with ease, without stress or worry. And here, a positive reminder: As long as we’re giving positive thought to our desire, it’s reality in our life is that much closer.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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