There’s an Eskimo Proverb that reads as follows: Yesterday is ashes. Tomorrow is green wood. Only today does the fire burn brightly. In a few short words, the proverb offers wisdom that–when applied–can improve our point of attraction now. And with a good point of attraction (predominant attitude) we’re going to attract better experiences. That doesn’t mean maybe; that doesn’t mean possibly; that doesn’t mean perhaps. That means we most certainly will! It’s universal law.

One of the key teachings regarding the Law of Attraction is that all of us–in some way or another–may unintentionally disallow the good we seek by viewing the world through a perspective that doesn’t serve our best interests. When we don’t see clearly, we may miss opportunities to mine golden experiences right here and now. One of the ways we do this is by focusing on either the past or the future. “This and this and this was wrong in the past; and that and that and that is going to be wrong in the future!” The proverb, however, serves as a potent reminder of the truth: Only today does the fire burn brightly! Only now matters. And only in the present moment do we connect fully and vibrantly with power. The thoughts we engage in the living moments of our lives are, indeed, creating our future experiences.

So what does this mean? It means that whatever we experience–perhaps divorce, the end of a career, a financial loss–becomes ashes the moment it’s experienced. The experience only continues if we mentally carry those ashes forward. The same is true of positive experiences. Repercussions of either may reverberate for some time, but the actual events are over. In short, we are always creating. The decision of what we create–be it joy, misery, or a degree somewhere between the two–is up to us. And here, another expression offers great truth: Pain is inevitable; suffering is an option. We suffer when we resist what has been created in any moment.

Are we to give up on any future goals and just float around like ducks in water, waiting to bump into whatever drifts our way? No, not at all. We are co-creators and we’re meant to create; but from a balanced perspective that reflects an understanding of what’s truly important in life. We’re also wise to drop our concerns about the past, for it’s senseless to worry about that which cannot be changed; and equally as pointless to forfeit today’s richness by fretting over an imagined future!

Regarding actual ashes: Good friends of mine recently shared an account that holds great value. It relates to an elderly aunt of theirs, and the death of her longtime partner. He had died about three months prior; his body cremated. They told me that during a visit with her they watched as she surreptitiously spread her partner’s ashes in a location that had held special meaning for both of them. His ashes had been contained in a cardboard box lined with plastic. Their account reminded me of the Eskimo Proverb. I thought: All that we fret about; worry about; lose sleep about; are anxious or angry about–all of it will be reduced to ashes.

Is this–to know that we will undoubtedly die–cause to be maudlin? No, not at all; at least from my perspective. To know that our bodies will, indeed, return again to dust provides us even more reason to live–fully, joyously, and gratefully in the moment! Aware of this, we may ask ourselves what gold surrounds us here and now. Is it not waiting to be mined by individuals who possess the right attitude? Are we fortunate enough to have family, friends, bread, water, a roof over our head? And certainly not least: Love? Does love not hold the greatest value of all? Truly knowing this–not just parroting the words–has the potential to change our life for the better; and not at some distant point in time. Now.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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