We The Courageous

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Dear Everyone,

It’s been quite a while since I posted an article, but given what currently appears to be happening in the world, I’d like to send out a positive message; in contrast to what people are being bombarded with from a wide variety of sources.

Yes, there is a virus that is currently making the rounds; but this situation–in and of itself–is not new. The virus may have a new name, and it may also have new and different characteristics; but such has occurred many times in the past. Such has been part and parcel of the human condition since time immemorial. We’re fortunate that the majority of people have strong and vibrant immune systems that have developed during our human journey. For those who don’t have that degree of health, perhaps we can find even a small way of helping either those who are sick; or be some aid to caregivers who are directly looking after the sick.

I’m not pretending to know how this particular “the-sky-is-falling” story is going to play out; and, personally, I’d be wary of anyone or any group who pretended to be able to do so. Should we take precautions that make sense, and follow the guidelines that will help all of us through this? Most definitely yes. I believe that we can all do something even greater in times of stress: We can keep our wits about us. By that, I don’t mean profiting off the fear that is already present. All of us can help one another, the way we’ve helped one another in the past; by staying positive; by sharing our resources; by helping those who are elderly or housebound or particularly fearful. All of us can do our best to be a Source of light in a dark environment. The sun–and our Great Power within–are still with us. In fact, no “thing” can take our power from us…unless we give it away.

This message–in any way whatsoever–is not intended to trivialize what is occurring. The message is meant to help. The effects of fear on our immune systems are well documented; thus, in a very real and tangible way what we’re thinking can–and does–make a tremendous difference. In Franklin D. Roosevelt’s inaugural address, he stated the following: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” What do you think? Was he right or was he wrong? Let’s kick this virus–and the fear that’s trying to infiltrate its way into our lives–to the curb, where they both belong.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

6 thoughts on “We The Courageous

      1. Franklin D Roosevelt was absolutely right about fear!!
        Let’s be that Source of light and help bring about an environment of courage and hope!
        We ARE all One….united.

        Thanks for sharing Art!


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