Be The Source

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Whether we realize it or not, all of us are the source of something. All of us are spreading thoughts, words, and actions, either consciously or unconsciously. Why? Because at our core, we are Source itself. This is quite logical, for we descend from the Source of all; therefore, we must have source-ness within us. It is our very DNA. As much as we may affirm our separateness, we literally cannot escape the truth of our Oneness.

At this stage of our evolution, our collective identity as humankind is experiencing a challenge that will determine how we move forward–together! Despite appearances to the contrary, we are all connected. The present situation in the world is demanding that we remember this fact. Most of us are currently experiencing effects that are informing us that together we will swim, or together we will sink. For the majority, the current conditions are strikingly different from any that we may have previously experienced. Travel is limited; borders are closed; food and sundries are in limited supply; social distancing is in effect. We are feeling limitations, especially those related to the separate self (or identity) that most of us may have long-believed ourselves to be.

The truth is that we are so much more. Could we actually be the limited identity of name and form? For those inclined to do so, there are many books and teachings that can help us discover that deeper dimension within; a dimension that is fearless in spite of ongoing fear; peaceful in a world experiencing anxiety; a calm center surrounded by a disturbed periphery. This will be intriguing for some individuals; and definitely not so for others. However, even if we’re not inclined to look deeper within, we can still consider our actions in the world.

So, now back to the title and the point of this article: Be The Source. When we communicate with friends and family, are we being a source of fear, or a source of hope? Are we parroting the latest reports and statistics about a virus, or are we sharing something–anything–that is positive? Are we increasing the level of anxiety in the world, or performing even one small action to alleviate it? Are we sharing or hoarding? Are we taking sensible precautions to protect everyone, or being irresponsible and selfish? Are we being a doomsayer or an optimist?

On the surface, all of these seemingly sweet–some people might claim trite or useless–sentiments may seem worthless. But are they? Consider: When we tell two friends about the latest fears related to the current sickness of the world, that shared information not only changes our two friends but also everyone with whom they share the information. The spread of whatever we share keeps on spreading, whether it is positive or negative in nature. Ask persons who have endured great adversity, and they will almost certainly reveal that positive emotions were the secret of their survival. Words like Faith, Hope, and Courage are not hollow; they are representative of real power that we may claim. It is well known that positive emotions build up the body; while negative ones often stress it to a breaking point.

What can we do for ourselves? Lots! We can stay present, even when the mind is attempting to drive us to distraction with the latest news. We can become consciously aware of what we’re thinking. We can remember that although our actions may be limited right now, we are always free to choose our attitude. To think deliberately is to be free. And perhaps most important, we can remember that when we think or speak of survival, it’s not the little “i” that matters so much. In truth, there’s only one “I,” and It’s all of us.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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