All Systems Go!

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The mood of a nation–yes, even the world–is dependent on the mood of the people. Why? Because we literally are the world. Each and every one of us matter. By our spirit, we either rise or plummet; by our strength we either swim or sink; by our courage we either gloriously triumph or temporarily fail. We–and know this in the marrow of our bones–are going to get through this present challenge and shine.

As holds true for the launch of any rocket, we must prepare ourselves thoroughly and check our equipment to make certain that all systems are a Go for liftoff. We can do this right here, right now, by checking the systems within our own influence; beginning with awareness of what’s going on within our own minds. Checklist please:

  • Are we breathing right now?
  • Is there some form of food–even if it’s only bread and butter–in our home?
  • Is there water to drink?
  • Do we have friends, even one?
  • Do we still have the strength to be a friend?
  • Are we currently able to rise and shine within the confines of our home?
  • Have we reason to hope–perhaps based on past challenges–that goodness will triumph?
  • Do we possess the concentration to focus our mind upon something positive?

The point of this checklist is obvious, no doubt. Yes, of course, I’m presenting the list to help raise us out of the fear-based darkness of our minds, and into the light of the present moment. The message is intended to inspire us to notice the beauty that still surrounds us…now. This in no way is meant to deny the current situation in the world, or to trivialize any of the tragedies that have occurred. The truth is, however, that sickness and death due to some nature or other is happening every day in this world. The insidious virus of the mind (aka, fear) is far more virulent than anything we may encounter physically. Given the chance it will destroy us.

We can still lift off to a bright new world. To state such is not poppycock or a pitiful denial of what’s currently making news. To overcome our present challenge, however, will require that we deliberately turn away from the tempting–almost irresistible–habit of focusing on every bit of bad news that is currently making the rounds. We possess the strength to see beyond this; and when we do, the attitude and health of the entire planet will reflect our changed state of mind. Ten, nine, eight, seven…

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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4 thoughts on “All Systems Go!

  1. Terrific article! Thanks for spreading inspiration and hope. Living in the light of the present moment is the way to BE.
    Thanks for sharing Art.


  2. Wonderful message Art
    Love your insight so positive
    We should never stop dreaming and it’s a great reminder for people to be thankful and to dream !!


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