Risking Life


All successful men and women are willing to do this to achieve their goals; and we can guess what that is by the title of this article. That’s right: Risk! That doesn’t mean these brave souls just jumped at whatever desire caught their attention. They did, however, take the risk of following their dreams.

The greatest risk that successful people take is stepping out of their comfort zones. They’re willing to leave the supposed safety and comfort associated with their old little self–the one that hadn’t achieved the goals they desired–and risk stepping into the brave new version. In doing so, they not only face the potential negative reactions of friends, family, and acquaintances; but also consequences that may range from financial to emotional. Ultimately they’re willing to risk losing their known way of being in the world to step into the unknown. They realize that only in the unknown–and a new way of being in the world–can they receive what the The Universe has to offer.

Did these brave men and women actually risk failure? No, not at all; for the only true risk is not attempting to achieve our desires. As the saying goes: Don’t die with the music still inside of you! Is risking easy? Are there going to be sleepless nights when we might wonder “What the heck am I doing”? Yes, absolutely; but that–in truth–is part of the excitement. The more often we step outside of our comfort zone, the more comfortable we become doing it! Doing so is just a skill set, like any other; and we can learn to live that way. That’s what successful people do. So can we. When we reflect upon our life, we’ll realize that we’ve done it before…many times. Perhaps we just need to be reminded that we can do it again. Go for it, my fellow beings–I believe in you!

Dare to dream.

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell




2 thoughts on “Risking Life

  1. I think “mean” should be men. Enjoyed your article Art. Have a fantastic day!

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