Observations in Co-Creation


Oh, how I remember the days–when I doubted that I had created the experiences that had occurred in my life. Sure, I reasoned that I had created the good in my life; but how could I possibly have created the bad…and the ugly too? I could not accept this until my study of the Law of Attraction led me further along the mystical path. Then it became clear. Perhaps it’s now your turn. Let’s see if the logic makes sense to you, as it did for me.

To reach that turning point, please contemplate one aspect of your life. It might relate to where you live; your current career; or the partner with whom you share your life. Can you–with just a little introspection–accept responsibility for a result that manifest in the past? If so, can you step a little further into the introspection tunnel and admit “I created that”?” Is it by accident that you live in your present home and location? Or did your thinking play an integral role. Is it by accident that you married your spouse? Or did your thinking also lead to that? And of your career, were you dropped into it by Fate? Or did your thinking–perhaps through childhood daydreaming–place you in your current field of employment?

If you can logically trace the breadcrumb trail of thought–to action–to result in one aspect of your life, you’re in the position of power to create deliberately again. First: Decide what you desire. Make the vision strong, clear, vibrant, and impelling. Second: Believe, believe, believe. Visualize each and every day; making sure to imbue your visualizations with emotion. Feel the aliveness of your vision by engaging all of your senses. Third: Receive through action. When you feel the intuitive nudges to act, step through the door that leads to your desired future and dare to act; even if such action involves facing your fears. When you do, you”ll behold your dream made real.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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