The Story of T.V.

think outside of the box
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Once upon a time…Tommy Vee used to be Suzanne’s best friend. No matter what occurred in the world, Tommy–or T.V., as he was better known–could be counted on; because T.V. was dependable. On a daily basis, Suzanne looked to him for entertainment, although she readily admitted that most of his entertainment was mindless. Just by watching him, she would find herself smiling or laughing. She had even come to depend on T.V. as a source of news; for somehow, Tommy magically seemed to know the cause of everything that was happening in the world. He reported to her daily. This happened and–this–was the cause.  And that happened and–that–was the cause.  Tommy regaled her with his stories–so much so that Suzanne often found herself hypnotized by them. T.V. reported facts–not hearsay or opinion. T.V. knew it all; and Suzanne was almost always happy to end her day by having a visit with T.V. and listen to him “tell her the way it was.”

But one day, T.V. and Suzanne had an argument–over such a simple thing, really. Tommy had showed up unexpectedly at Suzanne’s home and found her reading a copy of a new book entitled How to Lead Sheep. She was startled by T.V.’s behavior. He was actually enraged–storming about her living room and stomping his feet–and all because he hadn’t been consulted about the book she was reading. Suzanne politely tried to explain that she didn’t have to ask T.V.’s permission to read a book; or to do anything else for that matter, because she was free. Without saying a word, T.V. grabbed the book and hurled it through her living room window. Tommy then stormed out; and Suzanne was left in tears, picking up shards of glass.

A day later, Tommy called to apologize. He offered to bring popcorn and promised to entertain her. But it was too late. Their unhealthy friendship was over. Suzanne realized that she had become dependent on T.V. Now, she knows that she can depend on herself and the Source of her Being. Suzanne’s not renewing her friendship with T.V. anytime soon. She pushed his off button a long time ago.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020–R. Arthur Russell

6 thoughts on “The Story of T.V.

  1. Absolute truth in this article!! Loved the title of Susanne’s new book!

    Let’s all think outside the box…I am sure we will be pleasantly surprised at the results!



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