A Tyrant in our Midst

A Tyrant in our MidstMost of us have run into persons who pretended to know what was in our best interest. They might have even professed to be experts in their fields of knowledge; you know, the way flat-earth persons professed to be experts in theirs. When we were younger, it might have been a seeming friend, whose initial suggestions began to increasingly feel like commands; so much so that we invented plausible excuses not to visit as often. “I’m sorry, Johnny, I’d like to get together, but I’m washing my hair every night next week,” –or–“Gee, Carol, I’d like to come over, but I’ve got to overhaul that engine on the backhoe.” At the heart was one reason: We desired to pry ourselves from the clutches of tyrranical behaviour.

Wannabe tyrants who desire to implement change that suits their motives are smart enough to do so subtly; for to do so overtly silently screams–to most listeners–that a violation of our rights is occurring. This signal, which alerts us to the raping of our rights, is avoided at all costs; often through lubrication in the form of “We’re doing this for the good of humanity,” or guilt in the form of “If you really cared about others, you would do as you were told.” Such makes the act of tyranny seem tolerable…at least at first. Persons who really care for us, such as therapists or psychiatrists, are wise enough to help us arrive at our own conclusions. They respect our rights; as we do theirs. They ask questions such as “How do you feel about this? or “What do you feel is the best solution?” Why? Because they realize that only the patient/client has lived his or her particular life situation. To make blanket decisions enforced by bylaws or jail time or worse is to deprive beings of their lives. We might ask ourselves if life without freedom truly is life, or whether such makes us Pinnochio being pulled by strings.

Tyranny is most effectively implemented very subtly, indeed; so that those who are tyrannized (the birds) are unaware that a cage has been placed around them until they realize they’re no longer free to fly. Governments, which at least on the surface, proclaim to be for the people, have behaved in such ignorant ways many times in the past. History is replete with such instances; and given time, the people–having tired of living as blind slaves of those who would control them, have listened to the call of their spirits and risen up and finally demonstrated “enough is enough.”

Am I pretending to know what’s best for you or anyone else? Of course, not; for in doing so, I, too, would become a tyrant. This article is only intended to help facilitate our innate ability to think for ourselves…while remaining caring and compassionate to the needs of others. Perhaps we could be open to a forum that includes opinions from experts who are currently being silenced. It might make for a balanced approach; one that favors sensible action over dictatorship.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020–R. Arthur Russell

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