The Mirror Called Covid-19

As much as the title of this article might suggest, the purpose of this article is not to blah, blah, blah about Covid-19; for it is a subject that we’ve come to know far too well. According to the Law of Attraction, that to which we give our focus–whether favorable or unfavorable–expands. In other words, what we resist persists. If you doubt this to be true, please try–now–to not think of a pink elephant and see if that dang elephant doesn’t occupy your mind in the same way that you find yourself humming a tune that has hijacked your attention.

The purpose of this article is to draw our attention to issues which the mirror is reflecting–both personally and collectively–in the human race. Time spent in a forced lockdown has provided all of us an opportunity to take a long look at ourselves, our values, relationships, big business, and governments of the world. Perhaps this is the good side of an ugly situation; for as long as the dark side of human nature remains hidden we can’t change it; nor do we learn lessons that we need to learn.

The following are a few questions that may have surfaced during the current world story:

  • Did you initially ignore the story of Covid-19 when it was apparently limited to a distant country? Did it only gain relevance when it threatened to affect “you?”
  • Has the world story caused you to contemplate the mortality of your body? Do you believe that “you” end with the death of the body?
  • What freedoms do you cherish? Would you like to have them again?
  • Did the story of the virus cause you to question your priorities–to ask what is truly important in life? If so, is it a thing–such as a car or a house? Or is it something intangible, such as love and freedom?
  • Have frienships and familial relationships changed or been forfeited due to what is happening? Have you contemplated what it might be like for someone living alone through this current world story?
  • Have you questioned the validity of media coverage regarding Covid-19 and so much more? Is the media deserving of your trust?
  • Secretly, have you been happy that groups of people are having the courage to speak out in favour of freedoms and rights that you once cherished? Are you that courageous?
  • Do you really want to wear a mask? If so, for how long? Do you decide or does someone else? Do you really believe that wearing a mask is doing any good? If not, then why do we wear them?
  • Do you believe a one-way arrow in a grocery aisle truly helps?
  • “Who” is going to declare that it’s safe to go outside?
  • At some point during the story of Covid-19, were you forbidden to visit a loved one who was in a hospital or nursing home. When you thought of your relative being alone, did you weep for them? Get angry?
  • Have you heard that mental health issues and suicide rates are increasing due to the story?
  • If you have children, do you really want them to be forced to wear masks at school?
  • Are you really willing to be locked in your home–from dictatorial forces “outside” of it?” If so, is your house still a home…or a cage?
  • Have you taken the time to write a letter of inquiry to your local, Provinical/State or Federal government?
  • Did you go for a swab test even though you were feeling fine? If so, were you relieved to discover the results were negative? Did you soon begin to worry whether you might catch the virus the following week? Have you ever wondered why you bothered to get tested?

Your answers to these questions may reveal a side of yourself that you’ve never looked at before. There is the mirror I’m referring to in the title.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020–R. Arthur Russell

P.S. If you’d like to view my latest book (This Taste of Flesh and Bones–released September 8, 2020) please press here. May it help you in your spiritual journey.

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