Glorious Bridges

The study of the Law of Attraction is much deeper than most individuals realize. For the majority, it will only be about acquiring money, possessions, or fame. Such desires are certainly not wrong; for every desire which is not intentionally hurtful or harmful to another human being will be supported by The Universe. Through our study, however, we not only learn about manifesting but also about our essential nature.

The title of this article may seem deceptive or even misleading. It would be easy to assume it relates to marvelous structures such as The Golden Gate Bridge, Sydney Harbour Bridge, or the Rialto Bridge that grace this beautiful world. That context of bridge will be left to another writer. The bridges that serve as the subject of this article go by human names–such as Gustav, Julie, Hakim, Maria, Evan, and Jennie, to mention only a few given to the almost eight billion individuals on this planet.

I wonder if most of you–glorious co-creators–realize how marvelous you are. Are you truly aware of your incredible nature? Do you realize that you are creators descended from the most Glorious Creator of All? You know, the One who birthed the stars and started our hearts beating? And when you quiet your mind, do you realize that via the power of your imagination you can fashion and make real any dream? Such is your power. You alone possess the key to unlock the reality of your dreams.

This life–this bridge of human trials and joys–is an opportunity beyond compare. It is our  chance to bring our grandest visions to life. Within us, we bear dreams carried from the field of infinite possibilities! For some, that will mean designing and building actual bridges; they will become the architects, engineers, and the labourers. Others will share their creativity in different aspects of life–perhaps in family, medicine, law, politics, religion, science, or the arts. For as many categories that may be named, we–Glorious Bridges–can and will invent more categories still! Each of us is a unique and unlimited expression of The Divine!

This article is a tribute to you! Please take a bow; pat yourselves on the back; let your heart sing! But most of all, keep on dreaming! Your dreams matter. Without them, this world would begin an inevitable march to the grave. Through you, newness builds upon newness; life upon life; invention upon invention. Just so you know…I BELIEVE IN YOU! For inspiration, you might enjoy this presentation (read by Brian Scott) about Neville Goddard.

Dare to dream (and care fore one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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