Self Recognition

Until we knowingly reconnect with That which is our essential nature, there will seem to be a deep wound within us that refuses to heal. No matter how much salve we apply–in the form of relationships, financial gain, achievements, and objects of desire–the wound will remain. Due to innocent ignorance of What we truly are, we will repeatedly try to alleviate the pain. It may take countless years, even lifetimes, before we learn that there is one cure only: Recognition.

I, too, suffered under the tyranical rule of my false self for many years–or so it seems. My character “Art” took me down various blind roads before the suffering became so intense that I–as is the case of so many others–was forced to look within. There in the dazzling darkness, I glimpsed my own essence; an essence that I recognized as the Essence of everyone and everything. It was That for which I’d unconsciously been seeking. Words such as beautiful and transcendent cannot begin to express the joy I experienced. I was home…where “I” belong.

When we recognize the Truth of our Being, we realize that appearances–especially of the false self and this “world“–are not as they seem. We also learn that we may question the reality of our personal history. With insight and clear understanding, we’re able to know that we are apparently in the world but not of it. As much as the senses might adamantly proclaim that they’re stating the truth–and nothing but the truth–we literally cannot be the face that stares back from the mirror.

There is one reason only why those who’ve realized Truth share the information that I’ve related in this article: Love. The wonderful and expansive feelings that arise from knowing our True Self–which is the same Self flowing through and as everyone else–are too sublime not to share. Love that is not shared is not love. That is the reason and the purpose behind the writing of my recent book–to share. Be brave, be bold, be earnestly curious and dare to reach for your True Self. You’ll be glad that you did.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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