Fred is having an awful day…again; and it’s showing. He feels anxious and fearful; he’s pacing back and forth like a man possessed–and in truth, he is, by the “false guy” pretending to be him. He just can’t keep still. He’s felt this way before–such is his deeply-ingrained behaviour. It usually occurs when Fred gets too caught up in the world around him. He tries to make things right; but on certain days–like this one–nothing he does seems to help. There is no peace to be found.

If Fred could only remember to apply the advice he was once given (about how to regain his center), his present situation could improve dramatically. The Core of his Being is there, waiting to be acknowledged. Overworked, overtired, and overstressed, Fred is so wound up that he has forgotten the technique that worked so well for him in the past. He’d been told that when life got stressful, he was wise to become still, take a few slow breaths, and reconnect with his True Self, the witness of all that was seemingly occuring.

The problem basically boils down to one issue: Fred is so busy doing and thinking–which is the case for most humans–that he has lost track of his true identity. He is attached to the personal concept which he erroneously believes himself to be. Behind the facade of his egoic identity, his real “I” is safe and sound…observing the human drama that is playing out on the world stage through its lead character, Fred.


You’ll be happy to know, that Fred did actually get steady. Exhausted, he finally lay down; and after a much-needed nap, he was able to regain a relatively stable perspective of the world. Life wasn’t falling apart–it never was. It was only through Fred’s viewpoint that such seemed to be the case. In reflection, he would look at what occurred as one of those “I-don’t-know-what-got-into-me” situations. The true solution for his predicament, which will undoubtedly repeat, is for him to knowingly recognize his essential nature.

The good news is that all of us can learn how to recognize our True Self and, thereby, leave our problems behind with the body-mind (aka, person) that frequently takes life far too seriously. In other words, we can get steady by practicing clear discernment between what’s Real (our Spiritual Self) and the character (insert your name and form) that’s been causing us grief. One of the most potent ways to do this is through meditation. Being still allows us the opportunity to discover That dimenstion of ourselves that is beyond the body and the mind. If you’d like to see a visual illustration of what it feels like to recognize your True Self, press (drumroll…please) here (all credit to ImageMovers Playtone and Tom Hanks). Special Note: No lemons were actually harmed during the writing of this article.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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