Of Mortal Wounds

How real it seems–this world of relativity. In time, this mortal prison will appear the death of us…if we don’t know better. The majority of humans dare not count their Plus and Minus; for instinctively they realize which column would–on the surface–tally greater. Family and long-time friends may desert us; lovers, may teasingly partake of our flesh, then leave us; illness, witnessed regularly in others, may visit or come and stay to the end of days. This relative world–this mortal challenge–is the gauntlet thrown; and we, Spirit now incarnate, dared pick it up and walk the earth-bound way.


The opening paragraph of this article may seem poetic; but all of us know that life–this bridge of apparent trials and triumphs–can seem anything but poetic. There is, however, a way to transcend the challenges without working our body-mind (the person) into an early grave. The way can be known directly. It does not require a belief system of any kind; nor should one be cultivated. In modern terms, to experience Truth is often referred to as The Shift. Please allow me to explain.

From the time of our birth, we are conditioned by well-intentioned (but most often unaware) persons to believe that our identity is limited to, and defined by, the sum total of our mind, body, and name. As that’s all that they were consciously aware of as identity, they quite logically couldn’t teach us the truth about ours. Due to this deep belief–which is factually erroneous–the majority of persons will eventually experience great suffering. The human “story” may seem fine–for a day, a year, a decade; but because Life’s expression is always flowing between the banks of polar opposites, our circumstances are bound to change.

The solution is to investigate the essential nature of our Being. This requires that we learn to discern between what is Real (impersonal Life) and the unreal character (the person) whom we’ve mistakenly believed ourselves to be. When we again knowingly recognize the nature of our True Self, our suffering is greatly reduced. We realize that all of the problems belong to the perspective of the false self–which is actually rendered by the mind. With this knowledge, we may express our True Self joyfully to the world.

This may seem impossible; but it’s the absolute truth. Our consciousness–which seems totally personal–is not. It is Universal. In fact, Consciousness (often referred to by reverent names) is the very foundation of this world. Modern science is proving this beyond a shadow of a doubt. A way to begin the investigation is to earnestly ask yourself the following question: “Who am I?” Deep down, we realize that we can’t be a name; because we know that a name–a word–is only a term used to describe an object–not the object, itself. Another good pointer is found by beginning a practice of daily meditation–even five minutes, consistently. Such allows us to see that we can witness our thoughts; they do not belong to the Real “I.” This revelation logically begs us to ask: Then, “Who (more appropriately “What“) is the knower of the thoughts?”


From the rooftop, this I proclaim: “Be still…listen. Each and every one of you are so much more than the wounded person. You are Life, Itself–forever triumphant! There is nothing greater than your essential nature. What could defeat a Spiritual King or Queen? No mortal, nor even a mortal army, can actually harm you. You are from the Great Beyond, untouchable. Those mortal wounds do not belong to you; they are not yours. Rise and shine; you are Spirit.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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2 thoughts on “Of Mortal Wounds

  1. Spot on Arthur. When you understand that feeling comes before physical creation, a mortal army won’t even attempt to assemble (unless you want / fear it). When you understand that infinite dimensions exist simultaneously, you will realize that a mortal army can kill you, if that’s what they need to see in their dimension, but you won’t even know about it because you’re happily living in yours. Thanks for sharing. It makes me happy to see the level of understanding you have spreading.


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