The Breadcrumb Trail to “I Am”

The majority of persons in the world define themselves (their “i”)–either favourably or unfavourably–by judging the content and performance of their body, their mind, or a combination of the two. Thus, if they deem themselves attractive and intelligent (as measured by the social norms of the day), they can rest, feel content, and “know” they have value. This judging of ourselves is happening moment by moment, behind the scenes, on a daily basis. It is a thought process so deeply ingrained that it has become habitual. Such is the opposite of Being…in which we wisely abandon such cares and concerns.

My intent in writing this article is to help to free as many human beings as possible from this incredibly painful way of existing. Buddha called it dukkha, or suffering. My credentials for writing such a piece: “I lived it” and unconsciously bought the T-shirt. I know what it feels like to judge my appearance, my intellect, my performance, my achievement, and status. I know that when my body-mind (the person, aka “Art“) deemed that “he” was enough, that happiness was experienced. I am also aware of the nature of feelings that arose when the opposite occurred. To live in this manner is to be at the mercy of a daily toss of a coin that often lands Heads (happy) one day; and Tails (unhappy) the next. To exist by random decree of apparent circumstance is to believe that some of us are winners; the majority, not. SUCH IS A LIE.

The Breadcrumb Trail referred to in the title of this article is a trail–when embarked upon and earnestly followed–that can lead all of us (back) to a startling revelation. It is a divine trail that can lead us away from our suffering, which occurs due to an erroneous identification with the body-mind and its apparent experiences. Freedom from this assumption occurs upon the realization that our True Self (I Am That I Am) is the Source of the trail. Through this, we understand that we need nothing to be joyous; we are complete here and now. The realization of our true nature also removes fear–of failure, of living, of death. This is Truth, not opinion.

How to set out upon such a trail? We begin by faithfully allotting even five minutes each day in which we pry ourselves away from our habitual doing to practice Being. This may take the form of meditation (you don’t have to be an expert), or other quiet time totally removed from either physical or psychological distractions. In meditation, we can sit (preferably with eyes closed) and focus our attention on the breath–so attuned to it that we feel the subtle movement of air through the nares. If our attention wanders, we bring it back to the breath. A timer is useful to alert us to the end of the session. The true benefits are attained through consistency, not duration.

In this practice, we’re directing attention inward, away from the apparently external world. Through earnest but detached effort, we may knowingly rediscover the True “I” that is aware of whether our attention wanders from the breath. We will also notice that awareness knows if thoughts have flitted across the screen of our mind; in the same way that we’re aware of sensations, images, feelings, and perceptions. Allow all to come and go without judging any performance. It is the recognition of this “I” for which we embark on the Breadcrumb Trail. Once realized, we experience joy (not happiness, which is dependent) and peace that is beyond circumstance.


You, beautiful Beings, are perfection, Itself. You are Divine…here and now. You don’t need to change a thing. You are the crowning achievement of the Highest of the High. I bow in your presence; for I know the real You even if you have not knowingly rediscovered your essential nature. I see the real You which is beyond name and form. I see the real You that doesn’t have to prove anything to be deemed worthy. You ARE enough as you ARE. I hope to see you at the end of the Breadcrumb Trail.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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