Just “Be”

You’ve heard, or perhaps even said, the following: “I’m a work in progress.” It is a statement that seems to contain a toss of the hand, a roll of the eyes, or an unspoken hmmph. It suggests dissatisfaction at imperfection; perhaps even quiet resignation that ‘i” am not yet enough. The statement implies that a quality or aspect–one which we desperately need–is lacking; one which, if found, would make me all right, good enough, a work complete and worthy. What utter nonsense.

From moment to moment, life is always moving, pulsing like a multifaceted diamond. Nothing rests. If it stopped, it would not be life; it would be lifeless. As everything is always moving, how could we ever reach (as implied by the sentence referred to in the first paragraph) a place of static perfection? How long could we clutch that fleeting second when we could joyously cry, “Now, I can stop; I have made it to the top of the heap!” How, in a medium that is always moving, could we ever possibly arrive?

Again: Life movescontinuously. Everything is in flux. Heraclitus is said to have stated the following: “You can’t step into the same river twice.” It can also be argued that you cannot even step into the same river once; for the river, itself, is never the same. Answers and solutions considered to be the pinnacle of perfection (think finest transportation = horse and buggy) are all replaced when the next-best solution appears. The situation is the same for us. Education that was considered sufficient one hundred years ago would be considered incredibly inadequate today; and the same will hold true twenty–ten–five–years from now. The point is to enjoy the ride called “the story of my life. In short, we can strive to do the best that we can in any given moment and go with the flow. Awareness, an open heart, humility, and a willingness to allow good works to occur through us will take us a long way.

You (yes, “you” in the last row, in the corner) are more than enough as you are! Please don’t let graphs, statistics, and the social averages related to the tests that you’re going through right now define you. They can’t! Success and failure are relative words, which ultimately mean sweet diddly squat. This is not intended to imply that we should not strive; to dream is part of our essential nature. It’s just not wise to make our sense of worthiness dependent on results. You “are” inherently valuable hereandnow. Period.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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2 thoughts on “Just “Be”

  1. Yes Art! Thanks for reminding us that words can NOT define us. We ARE perfect as we are right here, right now. Thanks for continuing to inspire!


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