Dream On

If you’re not sitting down before beginning to read this article, you might want to do so now. As you may or may not realize, I write articles about Consciousness, Spirituality, and The Law of Attraction. These subjects have held a tremendous fascination for me for many years. It’s been an interesting journey. It has involved–and still does–learning more about our essential nature (the True Self) and how to manifest the results that we desire. There’s been a lot of surprises; not the least of which is related to the following quote from Sri Ramana Maharshi, who was a sage from India who realized his true nature at the age of sixteen:

That which is not present in deep dreamless sleep is not real.”

What Sri Ramana Maharshi was expressing is that the apparent world and the objects within it–including our body-mind–occur due to the power of Maya. Maya is a Sanskrit word which translates loosely as illusion. The world is real, but only relatively so. The real You is the changeless Self; which is the same in nature and quality (differing in degree) as the Absolute Self. That–Self–is customarily referred to by many reverent names which can point to, but never define, It.

Many persons write and speak about the Law of Attraction; but it’s unlikely that the majority realize the depth of the material. I sure didn’t; even though I easily grasped the importance of maintaining a positive attitude. Most persons are applying the Law of Attraction from the perspective of the body-mind, aka person. They are still living from the perspective of Jane or John Doe, because–until they awaken to their essential nature (which is Spirit, aka Consciousness)–they literally have no choice to do otherwise. Thus, they believe they are living a very busy life on Earth. The truth is that such…is a dream. The Waking State is similar to Dream State, only longer in duration, continual, and more clearly defined. The essential nature of our True Self is Awareness, or Consciousness. It could be likened to deep sleep, which is the reason that Sri Ramana Maharshi made the statement quoted above.

To fully understand this requires a tremendous shift in perspective and understanding, which can only be experienced directly. It cannot be learned or arrived at via processes of the mind; for the mind deals with conceptualizations. A quote from Paramahansa Yogananda, who was the author of Autobiography of a Yogi and instrumental in introducing Kriya Yoga to the West, may be of help. From another of his books, entitled The Laws of Success, I offer the following:

Mind is the creator of everything.”

The body and the mind that seem so very real to us (in fact, which seem to house “me“) is rendered by the mind. Consciousness is not created within the body-mind; despite what the masses may proclaim. In science, this is commonly referred to as “the hard problem of consciousness.” Science is still attempting to discover how neurological processes within the brain lead to our sense of awareness. They’ll never find it, for one simple reason: Such is backward, for Consciousness is that which gives rise to the mind and the body. To “Know Thyself” deeply would clear up so much confusion.

Consciousness is prior to the mind and body. It is the very foundation of our Being. When the mind is active, we experience the Dream State (usually referred to as nighttime dreams by most persons). When the mind and senses become active, we experience the Waking State (referred to as reality by the majority of the world’s population). This grossly erroneous assumption occurs in such tremendous numbers because the population is unaware, but unaware that they are unaware.

“But,” I can hear you say, “this can’t be!” Yes, it actually is. This is how the Law of Attraction truly functions. We can only attract circumstances with which we are harmoniously attuned. We must first “be” that which we desire to experience. Please consider this: What is the only thing (truly not a thing) required to have any apparent experience? Could we experience the eating of a meal if we weren’t aware that such was occurring? No, of course, not. Consciousness is the linchpin of every experience. The thoughts (either positive or negative) which we–Spirit–habitually impress into the subconscious will eventually be expressed in the dream of “our life.” I share this information so you’ll realize that the quality and the nature of your thoughts truly do matter. Our destiny is within our hands.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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