I’ll Be “Seeing” You

Our purpose while here on earth as apparent human form is to express the highest ideal that we hold within us. It is Divine in nature, expressed through the person’s journey amidst other Beings who, more often than not, erroneously mistake themselves for the sum of their body-mind. Ignorance of our true Being, and lack of discernment, is the reason. A mysterious paradox is at work: What we truly are–neither a conception nor a perception–can never be seen; it can only be expressed through that which we are not–namely the human costume. This confusion often leads to less than ideal results; for the competitive system on earth frequently pits one against apparent others and leads to tremendous heartache and suffering.

The goal of this article is to help you clearly see that which you are not, and know That which we are. Why? Because when we know our true Self, our suffering is greatly diminished. Contrary to public opinion, any objective part of youeither of the mind (as sensations, images, feelings, and thoughts) or of the body (as the apparent physical form)is not true Self. I state this unequivocally; for the Truth is not a matter of opinion, as much as many individuals may believe. This is Truth, the Ultimate Understanding

Many of our common expressions are not fully understood beyond a superficial level. The following is one of them: “There’s more to me than meets the eye.” The majority of persons may interpret this to mean that there are other aspects to my personality that remain secret. In Truth, the expression means that “That which I Am truly” cannot be seen. I Am cannot be pointed to as being either here or there. It is everywhere (omnipresent) and yet nowhere locatable. I Am, Consciousness–the foundation of every experience that could ever be known–including my own body-mind.

It is so much easier to recognize our essential nature if we meditate regularly; even if for only a few minutes each day. We are told that we must fast from the world to find the kingdom. This simply means that we must turn away from our senses and go within. At first, individuals may believe that meditation is something they do; but it is actually a non-doing, a dropping of that which is false. It is a sinking back into what we truly are. During meditation, we can clearly and directly perceive thoughts; they are like subtle objects–appearing to a knowing Source. This also holds true for objects which appear as form–namely our body, and the world and objects contained therein. Every object that we see is actually energetic frequencies and vibrations interpreted as form.

To “see” true Self, we must do so from the perspective of Spirit. Anything less is to see from a point of illusion. If this seems metaphysical, so be it–it is. What this means on a deeper level is that we can know one another feelingly, at a level beyond form. Isn’t that what everyone desires–to be known for What we truly are, not misperceived for the illusory self of name and form? The quest to recognize true Self is the most important journey we will ever undertake. Please join me. Let’s see life in all its wholeness and, thereby, elevate our world.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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